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Caneta Espiã | PDF Flipbook

TF card Socket 2. The top hole, above the Pocket es;ia, and where is the camera itself. Inside the box we have the device, that resembles a common pen, and a mini-USB cable to recharge or data access. There is an image file directory for: It’s pretty cool, mainly costing only 9,90 U. Please make sure that it is not damaged by strong impact and strong vibration. This expia can also be used to charge, but the device’s indicator light will not work.

According to the computer system configuration or difference, the computer may not detect a camera mode by once, if the computer can not enter the camera mode, but into a Udisk.

According to cwneta computer or system configuration, there will be slight difference for the time of identifying removable disk.

Caneta Espiã

It does not guarantee the video effect can meet your expectations. Lighter DV — Hidden camera in a lighter. But for the initial five times of charging, please charge battery to saturation after the battery runs out.


Adriano, and the quality of the photos and video? If you want to continue to use the recorder, please charge the battery. The battery is with no memory effect. It may affect the working of camera.

Please make sure to disconnect the device in accordance with the normal process to avoid the possible damage for computer and recorder.

It does not guarantee the integrity and security of saved files. It is the interface for data transfer and charging.

Connect to computer USB interface or charger. Replace the batteries and see if they are discharged….

Spy camera BPR-6 hidden in a pen | Everything comes from China

The box is cute and serves as a good gift. In standby or OFF mode, you can connect the device with the computer. It is to activate the battery maximum capacity and maintain the standard working time. Sometimes, you want get a longer work time of your product, You should connect this wire to your device, It can supplies continuous power to compensate for the capacity of the battery.


Below we have the pen in detail. When the red indicator light flashes, press the button for short time to stop recording and save the file.

Keep the camera upright and manuap. In order to ensure good sound effect of recording, do not block the microphone hole. It is only allowed to connect to the USB interface of computer and standard chargers has output voltage DC 5V and current greater than mA. The recorder is with built-in high-capacity lithium polymer battery.

Please strictly abide relevant regulations and laws. I’m thinking of buying, but I have a tight budget so I am not in the condition to buy a more expensive.

Part 5 is status indicator. Open the “time” text document, input the time settings string, the string is composed of “year.

Create a free account Login. Note the two holes in the cansta of the pen: