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Maloy Krishna Dhar is the author of Open Secrets ( avg rating, ratings, 35 reviews, published ), Operation Triple X ( avg rating, 93 rati. Now consider what Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau in his book published nearly a decade ago-“Open secrets-. Maloy Krishna Dhar’s Open Secrets, as he informs us at the outset, is not an autobiography; nor, indeed, does it offer an objective or critical assessment and.

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But he gave me to understand that his views on secularism…. He refused to recognize the fact that an intelligence operative is required to kiss even a venomous cobra……[Page ]. The Stuggles of a civil servant Describes the challenges a civil servant has to undergo. For that matter often writings of this nature are helped immensely by use of a professional writer so it is easier to read, too, but then both or either of these would have detracted from the original purpose of the book, which was to publish the manuscript as it was written by the author and found by his son.

Maloy Krishna Dhar brings out certain details which are indeed ‘explosive’ and ‘exposing’. I certainly recommend to anyone who is following leaders and their respective ideologies blindly. The book effectively exposes the deplorable stories of blatant and brutal misuse of the Indian Intelligence, security and investigative agencies by the ruling classes. That way they not only manage to convey their clout with the PMO but also collect IOUs from the bureaucrats concerned.

Intelligence is a tool of statecraft. Instead he is comfortably living in Chandigarh today, even though he had been called the biggest terrorist leader of his time. Dhar maintains that IB agents assumed the identities of news cameramen of a national daily and stationed themselves at crucial points on the eventful day in Ayodhya.

The Sangh Parivar obviously was not a happy family. Unfortunately for the Hindus there is no such focused social machinery……. They often disappeared; killed and dumped in isolated and mass graves……[Page ].

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Dgar above practice of paying bribes to for a coveted posting in order to make more money is simply the norm across India, also up and down the police hierarchy. Just wish this revealing account had been better edited and proof-read to remove the constant repetition, the persistent misspellings of names and the other niggardly mistakes that bedevil this no-holds-barred story of the farce that Indian polity has been.

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled – Maloy Krishna Dhar – Google Books

It is therefore obvious that the strategy of the BJP is to defame Sreekumar with false allegations since the petition of Zakia Jafri against Modi is being decided by the trial court on December 2, As can be expected, it is highly laced with the author’s perspectives on what is right and what is not.


She was the third wife of Arjuna, and the fourth was Uloupie the princess of Nagas or Naagaas, known also as Malyo or daughter of Naagaas.

Even public humiliations were not enough to ruffles the feathers of a rhino skinned scoundrel like Rajiv Gandhi. This is an impossibility because Sreekumar served in the IB at the relevant point in time, and IB officers have no statutory authority or responsibility to take cognizance of the offences, register FIR, investigate, arrest, interrogate and prosecute anybody.

Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. I am unable to disclose the name of the Keshav Kunj functionary due to certain constraints, but he enjoyed scerets top position. There was need for augmenting the security measures around the ISRO establishments all over the country as we were in receipt of some reports that Pakistan was on the verge of testing Ghouri missiles, which had heavily borrowed upon Indian missile technology, in addition to importing know-how from North Korea.

However, an unfazed Vaghela persists with the officer as his Man Friday. He packs a punch in whatever he says and hold back none even calling the “fourth estate” members “taxis on hire”. Dhar admits that men from the Intelligence Bureau were culpable and directly responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Sikhs, yet personally feigns innocence. Brahmins have always survived for the last 3, years through controlling the levers of power by deceit and chicanery to keep their blood sucking apparatus afloat in perpetuity.

He promptly closed the bag and later bagged the ambassadorial assignment to an African country after liberally contributing to the funds of the Prime Minister and the union Minister of State for home Affairs…. Of course the most horrifying disclosure comes at the end, shedding a very different light on a late prime minister of India who was known more for his learned persona than for a questionable act at any time.

The pronunciation of the word Sindu to Hindu is a farce. If police and intelligence operatives were used by the said so called secular political leaders for spying on opposition and told not to bother the agents of the terror export nation, they cannot be much faulted for towing the line in interest of their families’ security and well being, and not wishing to be threatened physically or terminated wrongfully.

He could do anything, I was ready to concede, but I never believed that he could be part of the conspiracy that killed Indira Gandhi……[Page ]. Dhar tells the readers, categorically, about the Indira congress conspiracy behind this – how they had promised to save him, told him to wear three trousers which he did, and then double crossed him reneging on their promises to save him, by pouring fuel rather than water on him reminds one of the Lahore fire department pouring fuel instead of water on Hindu homes during partition when their neighbours and general Muslim mobs set fire to Hindu homes ; this callousness by congress about lives of innocent Indian citizens is not new in view of all Dhar discloses, especially re Punjab, even re intelligence operatives, but does somehow stand above, being about a hapless young boy unsuspecting about congress using his completely unintended by him death to return to power.


The common Hindu is too timid a creature to think for himself. Conversion, and equalization of our mutual perspectives on vital national and local tribal issues……[Page ].

Narendra Modi and former Isro scientist N Nambinarayan

What do you think about the story? The Hindu outfit was sufficiently infiltrated by the IB.

However I do not hate the people of Pakistan, who are even now made to believe that religion is the beast arrak or Soma Rasa intoxicant, which is toughest crazy glue……Indians, specially the Hindus, tend to transform even immediate history to mythology. Mr Dhar candidly writes about the Punjab imbroglio where a raft of vested interests sought to keep fanning the flames of the insurgency for their short-term benefits and might have inflic Explosive stuff Then again, it might be that a background of East Bengal is the reason for this lack of comprehension re the difference of the two meanings of the word Naaga, one an ancient meaning and used all over India while other related to the monks sect more of a recent one, due mostly to reverence for the monks making India unwilling to use the precise word for naked and instead using a word similar but meaning snake.

I was forced to keep the frayed dialogue line open. Even with overwhelming evidence on camera that the leaders of all the various Hindu terrorist groups were directly responsible for the destruction of a Muslim Mosque and murder of hundreds of Muslims, nothing happened to these leading Hindu criminals.

Pls look into my internet site likewise and make me aware what you consider. It resulted from political intransigence and indulgence in competitive fundamentalism by two historically inimical forces: There lies the conundrum which is yet to be understood thoroughly by others.