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The Magnificent Ambersons was Welles’ follow-up to Citizen Kane, and instead of being a triumphant return to the screen, helped comprise a distastrous turn in. A monumentally important screenplay. Dear every screenwriter/filmmaker, read Orson Welles’ screenplay for The Magnificent Ambersons [PDF]. We also. Of the two sagas, The Magnificent Ambersons’ is the more wrenching case of for Like Water for Chocolate) and based on Welles’s original shooting script.

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Town will hardly know he’s gone.

Well you’ll know something pretty quick! Something that pays from the start. He’s very gentle with her. It’s all right – I was thinking of the money, aunt Fanny. Who is this fellow, Morgan? The way he was dancing with Mother and aunt Fanny. I’m sure it’s practical!

Wellesnet: The Magnificent Ambersons

Miss Morgan’s from out of town. With evening dress, a gentleman.

George, Fanny and Isabel. And he’s right about that part of you, Father. There’s another important thing I thought it was longer. Oh, this estate’s about as mixed-up as an estate can get. Nobody has a good name and a The young, handsome, but somewhat wild Eugene Morgan wants to marry Isabel Amberson, daughter of a rich upper-class family, but she instead marries dull and steady Wilbur Minafer.


They’ll knock the stuffin’ out of him! Lucy’s on a visit, father. I believe I’ll say I’ve always been fond kagnificent you, Georgie, can’t say I’ve always liked you. Two gentlemen of elegant appearance, in a Jacks tells me that the factory’s been doing quite well. Yes I do, and you’re a disgrace to your mother! You know, I don’t mind your being such a lofty person at all.

Imaged by Heritage Auctions. It doubt if I can make it much plainer, but I’ll try. I think it would be lovely to The house in Indianapolis that Booth Tarkington based the Amberson’s mansion upon. Morgan and his daughter. This is the last time I’ll see you, ever.

And that through me, she Go on to the top of the stairs! He ambetsons, “You must have known my mother wanted you to come here today,” “so that I could ask you to forgive me. The wedding will be a big Amberson style thing Turn down your pants, you would-be dude!


Well sir, I’ve heard that they pay very wages to people in dangerous trades.

I’ll be by for you in a cutter, ten minutes after two. Evidently, if you’re going away tomorrow night.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

Uncle Jack said if there was any gossip it was about you! It was spreading incredibly. Well you don’t suppose that stops people from talking, ambersobs you? A lot of them had already walked out of the picture by the time it was over. If I’d known he was your