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La signora dei funerali (Oscar bestsellers Vol. ) (Italian Edition) eBook: Madeleine Wickham, Nicoletta Lamberti: : Kindle Store. Read a free sample or buy La signora dei funerali by Madeleine Wickham. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod. Preview and download books by Madeleine Wickham, including The La signora dei funerali. Madeleine Wickham, Sleeping Arrangements ( Unabridged).

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Some things like Zara eating dis When I read the back of this book, it sounded like a bit of an overdone story — woman goes after rich men and cons them out of money each time.

Madeleine Wickham on Apple Books

The story seemed cute. However, I did really enjoy it and it was interesting from start to finish. Yes, sure, he’s the nicest man on the planet, but since when is nice synonymous with stupid? For a person who was trying to figure out what his late wife was really, accepted Fleur very quickly without even trying to get to know her better. She’s beautiful, charming, cunning, and more than a little ruthless. Two Wickham books in and I’m beginning to understand the rebrand.

With her daughter involved and asking questions, about her past, Fleur’s past, and being ready for a change. The story just stopped on not a very positive note, and before a scene which was constantly hinted to in the book, the only scene that I was perhaps looking forward to.

The voice effortlessly changes frequently throughout the book, from the children to the husband to Fleur herself, which keeps things interesting. Fleur’s voice rang in her ears. It’s definitely a must-read for Sophie Kinsella fans. Die guten Charakteren waren durch und durch gut und die schlechten einfach nur schlecht.

Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen dass mir das absolut nicht gefallen hat und ich es auch nicht weiterempfehlen kann. But, when she meets Richard Favour things start to change.


The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her own finances. Apart from that, I was moved by the novel’s look at loss, and how far we will go to not be deserted.

My only true gripe is that the ending felt rushed and unsatisfactory. It almost seems as if Wickham got tired of her own writing and gave up mid-paragraph.

Which version of security will Fleur choose? Click I Have iTunes to funearli it now. It seemed as though in the end, every one of the characters came to some kind of change, completed some kind of journey, but I’m not quite sure that she did.

Then there is Fleur’s daughter Zara. However I found it was very slow — at one point, I picked it up and was surprised to find that Fujerali was half-way through, despite the plot not having picked up much at all.

Once we were given the background the subject was dropped though and story picked right back up, it was a little confusing. Given 3 stars or a rating of “Good. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It is littered with cliches and an incredible amount of spelling mistakes I have never read a book with so many, especially in the first half.

From what I read, all she has is apparently ‘charm,’ and surely that’s not enough, not even in the world of fiction. Now this book probably obviously wasn’t written for a 40 year old bloke with a bald head who likes football and Newcastle Brown Ale drunk straight from the bottle.

It just ends, I was so shocked by this I actually checked I hadn’t lost any pages. Overall this was one funeralii those ‘can’t put it down’ totally fluffy, no slgnora required books, which is just what I funerrali right now! It’s been so long since she spoke the language of maceleine heart that she has becomes somewhat lost in translation.

I just couldn’t accept the sloppiness of it.

To have her thirteen year old daughter Zara possess more sense and wisdom than her? She’s the opposite of “cookie-cutter” chick lit heroines. When I read the back of this book, it sounded like a bit of an overdone story — woman goes after rich men maseleine cons them out of money each time.

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Ancora una volta, da vera professionista, Fknerali riesce a far breccia nel cuore del povero vedovo, ma le cose non vanno esattamente come lei aveva previsto The characters were given a decent background and we were given a view of the past of a few of them.

It’s not until the last TWO pages that Fleur awakens from her selfish, obnoxious, awful, money-focused daze and decides to do something with her life and for her daughter’s sake. But, bear in mind that you’ve had fair warning about the immensely unsatisfying ending. I really, really wanted to give this book 4 stars. Een anderhalve maand later heb ik dit boek uit.

This was one of them kind of books where you just cannot put it down, I had many sleepless nights due eignora being so hooked on to the novel. She finds herself feeling comfortable and fitting in with his family. I honestly don’t think I could’ve disliked a character more than Fleur. For expmle, she convinced Phillippa to leave her dreaded husband, but then hung her out to dry when she reached out to her.

But is Fleur ready to give up the high life and to sett Fleur has made a career out of crashing funerals and memorial services so that she can work her way into recently widower’s lives.

The Gatecrasher

Sep 05, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. When her daughter comes to visit and fits in too Fleur realizes she is going to have some decisions to make.

Desalniettemin blijf ik wel fan van de boeken die ze onder haar pseudoniem schrijft.