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View and Download LUX TX Series installation and operating instructions online. TX Series Thermostat pdf manual download. Thermostats such as the Lux , the Smart Temp , TX, Lux HP are functional energy saving tools, but when Follow these instructions to reprogram it to the schedule you want. My Lux TX E is locked – how do I unlock it?. Buy Lux TXE for the lowest price available online! Presenting the new Lux ® TXE, a programmable thermostat that allows users to easily Manuals (3).

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If manul body does not snap into place easily, remove the body, re-hang it from the tabs and try again. When setting the program items, the value that is flashing is the item that you can change at that time. The Temperature mode switch has three positions: Tips The above instructions were tested successfully using the Lux Do not locate where air circulation is poor, such as: Neither of the Mode slide switches are locked out.

LUX TX500 Series Installation And Operating Instructions

With the day flashing, press the UP button to advance the day to the desired day. On new installations, follow the guidelines listed below.

The programs for each Temperature mode are programmed separately. When you are finished performing your installation and setup options, please remove the thin plastic film that is protecting the LCD display screen on the front of the thermostat.

Thank you for your confidence in our product. I can not get the cover off. For more detailed instructions turn to the Lux website and download the detailed instruction guides: Replace them and mark the date down somewhere, they will need to be replaced in about a year. When they are all labeled, carefully remove the wires one at a time, making sure that they do not fall back inside the wall. On ts500e installations, mount the.


When the thermostat is in an Override, the word Override will appear in the temperature area of the display. A temperature hold tx5000e be used for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

Lux Products TXE Instruction Manual |

Tell us more about it? Open the thermostat and press “reset” with an open paperclip or other small pointy object.

At the start of the next program period, the set temperature will return to its programmed value. The counter is also reset by changing the filter setting value, as described above, to a different number of days.

Note the letters printed near the terminals.

When you are finished setting all four periods, you may continue pushing the NEXT button through all four periods to review your entries, or turn the dial to RUN if you are finished. You should see the word SET appear on the display, along with the clock and a day of the week ,anual is flashing. This will damage the thermostat and void your warranty. The thermostat will maintain thermal control using this new set temperature, until the start of the next program period time is reached.

Then follow the installation procedures, one step at a. When finished, hang the top of the unit by the tabs at the top corners of the base, then snap the bottom of the unit into place. Answer this question Flag as Cookies make wikiHow better.


Lux Txe Wiring – Wiring Diagram Todays

Now you can see the batteries to tell what type they are. Press “Next” to set the desired temperatures using the “up” and “down” keys. Remove the cover carefully, more than likely it snaps on at the bottom and hangs and pivots from two little fingers at the top, pull out on the snaps at the bottom and it should lift off at the top. You nanual begin with the start time of the MORN period, and use the same procedures that were performed while setting the Weekday Program periods, msnual the NEXT button to advance through the values.

Heating and Cooling Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Related questions Why thermostat turns off during hottest part of day yet runs fine at night? Implied warranties are limited in duration to three years from the date of original purchase. Turn OFF the electricity to all heating and cooling components. Do not allow any of the bare wire ends to touch each other, or any parts on the thermostat. You can also receive technical assistance online anytime day or night at http: By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Using the enclosed labels, attach a label to each of your wires so that the letter matches the marking on your existing thermostat. Once a Hold is initiated, the thermostat will maintain the Hold set temperature indefinitely.