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Hot Racing Losi Mini LST aluminum rear knuckle MLT $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Revised one peace rear knuckle, just like the big brother LST 2. Hit the roads, terrain with the Losi Mini LST2 radio controlled truck. Boasted with Losi radio system along with Spektrum GHz DSM technology, you can run. 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB Losi Electric Cars and Trucks Horizon Hobby.

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The radio appears to be a basic FM radio, with analog trims and basic features. However, the constant working motion of the suspension could still upset some trucks similar to the Mini-LST. Metal Differential Gears In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and pinion differential mimi for each of the three differentials.

1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR

Secure Electronics Tray Body Installation Radio Batteries Once the battery is installed properly, you’ll want to put the electronics tray back in its place on top. I ran the pack down in around a 10 minute time frame, and quickly swapped it out with another pack I had on hand to continue the fun. Once the battery is charged, drop it into place under the electronics tray.

Equipped with a genuine DSM technology radio system for interference-free, crystal-free control, this innovative radio system allows you to run your Mini-LST2 with other vehicles anywhere, anytime, without worrying about interference or changing crystals.

Manuals and Documentation Radio Synthesized Operation As you would expect, Losi includes a manual with their truck to help familiarize you with the truck. The first of these items is to extend the receiver’s antenna. After tearing down the truck to check out the components, and then putting it back together and prepping it to run, I was anxious to take it out and get it dirty.

I never really noticed the front wheels unloading much while I was at the track, which probably had a lot to do with the conditions at the time. I used a Dubro cap, which is part number The transmitter is shaped to fit well into your hand it look similar to the Xmods controller but it lack the folding option and it takes 8’AAA’ batteries versus a single 9V cell for the Xmod version.


Funny as i write this Team Losi has released the Mini-LST2 which is the same truck with a few upgrades, hopefully the upgrades won’t be from angry customers who discovered problems with the Mini-LST. The electronic speed control has the reliability and power handling capability to ensure that the two powerful motors provide stunning performance.

Even when I tried running over some of the rough dug up area, where the track was undergoing its renovations, the four wheels pulled the truck through some extremely tough terrain given the truck’s size. However to combat this, the Mini-T’s ball differential can be fitted into the truck. Drop the body into place on the truck’s chassis, and secure it with some of the same type of clips you used for the electronics tray.

Four Aluminum Wheels with Steel finish brake disk. The only thing I noticed was the tendency of the truck’s front wheels to unload some as it barreled through the leaves. The truck’s suspension was simply dialed about as dead-on as it could get for what I was doing. I did run into one minor issue while running in the backyard. I attributed this to the center differential of the Mini-LST.

Team Losi Mini LST Parts, Upgrades & Aluminum Hop-Ups | AsiaTees | Online RC Hobby Store

Here you can see the coil over oil dampened oversize shocks along with the sturdy bracing used through the Mini-LST. The Mini-LST cleared it beautifully, flying jini nice and level. With this in mind, I decided to test it a little further and took it to another section of the track. In fact, the only other issue I had while at the track was a let cup for the steering linkage popping off of the stud it was on.

However, you do have to make sure that both the radio and the receiver are set to the same channel. While you still had to provide the correct throttle minu, the suspension seemed to smooth out this area very well, keeping the tires firmly planted as you left one bump and headed for the next.

1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR

Where the LST had small blocks that held the differentials in place, the Mini-LST uses a bulkhead assembly that splits into front and rear halves. Loi electronic speed control is located beside the receiver. The Mini-LST comes in three colours from the factory and is pre-painted with all the decals attached obviously I received the red version but you can get green and blue as well.


Order two of these to complete on model. It only took a second to pop it back into place, and I was back on the track again having fun.

Losi: 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR: Losi (LOSB)

In fact it’s the same as the Mini-T. Just looking at parts exactly like shrunken LST parts is nearly surreal. This cover keeps any debris away from the gears, keeping them in proper operating condition. It’s wasn’t horrible by any means, but it was noticeable. If you thought the Mini-T was amazing, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The plastic differential gears are one of the few areas that I could see where improvement could provide a benefit. I guess that was my fault. The whole package is very impressive, and hopefully this will signal the end to minis with friction-dampened shocks! So I dug into my pit box and pulled out a spare I had. One front case half One rear case half 12 machine screws. That includes offering a feature-packed suspension design with oversized, oilfilled, aluminum-body shocks to provide maximum ground clearance, a plush ride and unmatched suspension travel.

Product Registration Find a Retailer. Each servo uses its own servo saver and the two are linked together by a connecting rod.

Video of the Mini-LST in minj can be downloaded by pst the version you wish to get. Four Drive hub and pin. The lower ones are hardened steel, while the upper are stainless steel. If you have trouble though, sprinkle a little baby powder on the wire, or place a couple of drops of oil in the tube. Once installed, the battery tray fits over the pack and is held into place by small body clips. Then I tried to run through them in an effort of seeing how easily the truck could be controlled.