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View LM #3) BPA – W Bridged/Parallel AB Amp reference design. Specifications, support documents, and additional tools available at Digi-Key. Your load looks mostly resistive, not capacitive. I think most design include a large capacitor between the speaker and the driver to block DC. W-power-amplifier-with-bridge-parallel-configuration The project is based on six LM to produce a well designed audio.

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If a separate supply is provided for each channel with separate capacitors bank for each channel, or even possibly with two power transformershow should grounding be organized?

You can really feel it. Thanks a lot for this awesome project.

Sorry to hear that… Try checking your spam folder. I assembled the circuit exactly like the one in the guide, with the following changes in the PSU: It just does not get better than that!

If I am correct the pcb layout needs to be modified to represent the difference in size between the 50pf and the pf. Chip amps sound mediocre Reply.

I used solid core 22 AWG, which works well because it can be twisted into a tight coil. However the big lytics will continue to conduct until fully discharged and continue to do damage for faulty down stream components. At the end I wire up the amp so you can hear what it sounds like:.

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM Amplifier – Circuit Basics

The actual diode has only 2 posts rather than 3 as is shown in the data sheet. Your load looks mostly resistive, lm38886 capacitive. Frequency band of interest: High current grounds are the ground feeds to the power supply decoupling capacitors, the Zobel network, and the speakers.


From then on, I have been trying to improve its performance by making modifications.

Firstlyif we want a volume bricge for this amplifier, how we will achieve it? Dr Dorkmeister on May 21, at Most designs have extensionrods are used between the pcb and the controlknobs at the front, to obtain a brisge internal layout. Love the in depth circuit analysis on components functions and why values were selected. What input Vpp range is needed? Power levels now relevant are of the order of Watts at resonance, the 50 Watt transducers were for a prototype where I finally used a pair of high-current op amps 3 Amp.

Or is it just because the part is only manufactured like that by Mundorf? Buy a bigger case. Yup, meant a cap. You can also check out this video to see a quick overview of the design process. Thanks a million for the detailed top quality guidance. Wil on March 4, at 7: Darren on May 25, at 6: Thanks again, Rob nyc Reply.

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM3886 Amplifier

Thus, I was wondering if you could state the specifications of your amp, distortion and noise characteristics so it can be compared to other LM designs, so see if one needs to improve anything. Also, this application is not at all audio, the resonant frequencies of the transducers are a minimum of 20kHz, up to kHz, purely ultrasonic.

lm38886 Bearing in mind most is subjective, though differences between components of different materials do have a definite measurable difference e. Thank you for your excellent work! All the best John.


You can add an input selector knob if you want more inputs on the same controls-pcb and then mount the pcb parallel to where your control knobs should be. We can use the F c equation with R i and C i:. The 1nf capacitor at each input terminal bridye connected from the positive side to ground or or from the ground to chassis?

DIY BPA 6x LM W audio Amplifier

George on December 10, at Which voltage level gives this output? Your LM article is fantastic. Second is to place fuse at the output end of the lytics. In there you could put things like a publishing date and a copyright notice, keywords, a table of contents, social link URLs written in full as normal text instead of just blue words in the article, etc. I signed up for the partslist but I am not recieving any partslists, can someone upload the partslist, thank you. A lot of effort obviously went into this.

As an electrical engineering student, I love getting the chance to truly understand the process of creating the design. With two two separate power supply units, all grounds be channel specific on the PCBs and brigde two ground-loop protection circuits one from each power supply unit PCB connected together to the chassis? The power supply and each of the individual components do have a massive influence, especially as there are so few of them.

Great job, very well explained. Probably 1 volt too?