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LM11CN Datasheet PDF Download – PRECISION OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS, LM11CN data sheet. LM11CN from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. LM11CN from ON Semiconductor L.L.C.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Thenm build your own.

Datasheets from 02 September

All of these have extremely low Datazheet offset and very low offset drift vs. September 17, Maybe the question should be “Does it have the potential to be in the same league as the API? Of course the hardy thing might look cooler when you are done. But much care must be taken when making such measurements. T DBX X??

You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is. It looks to me like a nice project to begin with i’ve built some pedals before, but nothing i’d call a project. Hi John, What are you using for servo IC’s? Prior to that, the ADJ. November 21, If you want the sound of the hardy with more flexability, you might consider also looking at the boards JLM audio has for sale, you can order two opamps from john hardy and use those with the JLM board which is wildly flexable for DIY, you can set it up transformerless, with transformers, with or without a servo, and would actually be easier to rack than the sony plug in as yuo would only need to drill holes could even use a hand drill to mount pots and switches instead of having to cut out the block for the hardy frontpanel.


Yes to your question. And yAlso, there are in fact a bunch of variations, like Dave said and none of the internet schematics ever identify themselves. It would give more headroom and possibly better signal to noise ratio, wouldn’t it? All things you need to weigh.

John Hardy replacement card for the Sony MXP Console

One thing I did was to add that extra trim pot for the DC-servo op-amp. Im a big api fan and so are lots of people here, but the stuff is hardly the holy grail. I imagine that alone could change the sound quite a bit. API gear sounds cool, but so does a lot of other stuff. Flatpicker, I like your idea! They are also very slow op-amps trade-offsbut they don’t need speed because they are dealing with extremely low frequency signals only.

LM11CN Motorola Inc, LM11CN Datasheet

Im sorry to bring this up again, but when you said not the greatest headroom in the world etc’, you talked about the api or hardy? That is a total mystery to me, if you are listening to the sound the things actually make. I have called John Hardy in past many times with MXP questions and also design concepts with the and other which he was very helpful.


We appreciate you sharing with us very much. Welcome to the DIY. It is one of the best forums ever, tons of information!

PDF and it works great? Im the first person around here to set a spec sheet on fire and while the api stuff does sound cool and while I do use it on every project I do consistently, there is stuff that is just way cooler and much more robust. For example, the went surface mount after P. There Eq’s datasheft comps are great but not a big fan datashheet their mic pre’ s. Thank you for your reply! As for the ‘s, they do work well with 24V and sound great.

John Hardy Member Posts: Started by tonymite The Lab.