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An in-depth introduction to all research methods in linguistics, this is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Research. Research Methods in Linguistics. Front Cover. Lia Litosseliti. A&C Black, Apr 9, – Social Science – pages. Buy Research Methods in Linguistics by Lia Litosseliti (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Now comes the important part: Immigrant Minority Languages at Home and School. However apart from contributing to more in-depth analyses of research rsearch, mixed methods research also has an important part to play in reaching diverse audiences and overcoming challenges associated with certain research settings. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Denzin also drew an interesting distinction between inter-method and intra-method triangulation — the former referring to the use of facets of the same method and the latter referring to the use of two often contrasting methods see Schryer,for an example.

As suggested by Bargiela- Chiappini et al. This pooled standard litodseliti ation is calculated by adding the squares of the standard deviations of each of the groups i.

In other words, chi-square tests calculate what the distribution of variable values would be if the null hypothesis were true for our sample. It should not take too long to see that research design, theoretical back- ground and actual methods used are inseparably linked and form the overall framework for our study, hence it is crucial that these three parts work well together.

A Guide for Analysis. One of these criteria concerns the aspects of language that the corpus is used to investigate. So corpora may not contain whole texts, instead utilizing parts of texts.

Research Methods in Linguistics – Lia Litosseliti – Google Books

Design, use and abuse There are probably as many different methodological tools for collecting quan- titative data as there are research projects. All too often we do not think about this thoroughly enough. My aim how- ever is to problematize both a range of issues relevant to aligning a research project to a specific paradigm, and the practicalities that may affect research designs, the collection and interpretation of data and dissemination of findings.

This further research can take a variety of forms. Categorical variables are common in linguistics, especially when studying phenomena such as allophony e. This finding would support the quantitative result, and perhaps indicate that the statistical significance does in fact correspond to something in the real world. This meant that I could ask research questions which had been asked of other classrooms but had not apparently been asked of foreign language classrooms.


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This is where I stop. The chapter ends with a critical discussion of issues that need to be considered when carrying out corpus analysis, noting that corpus methods should not be considered as only quantitative, but rather an approach which can combine both qualitative and quantitative processes. So the British National Corpus, which covers a very wide range of written and spoken language genres and is intended to act as a standard reference for British English, is million words in size.

Bryman and Cramer ; Miller — Both texts give detailed and accessible instructions on the use of the popular statistical software package SPSS. If we refer back to the chi-square significance chart given in Table 4.

litosselliti With the t-statistic computed, we now need to linguietics the number of degrees of freedom. The chapter ends with a critical review of the primary strengths and weaknesses of these methods. Similarly, in my research with seven multinational companies Angouri,by using quantitative methods, I was able to iden- tify patterns of foreign language use and the viability of existing language policies, which were major concerns for HR managers. In addition, imagine we are also interested in gathering additional information about the custom- ers, for example, whether or not they are wearing earrings.

In addition to a categorization of research questions as descriptive, explana- tory or evaluative, cutting the research cake in other ways allows still other distinctions to be made, and referred to explicitly in the dissertation or thesis. This comprehensive introduction to research methods in linguistics guides the student through these areas, offering advice at a theoretical and practical level. For t-tests of independent samples with equal sample size, we calculate the degrees of freedom by taking the total number of subjects in both groups and subtracting 2.

Triangulation is often one of the key reasons for undertaking mixed methods research. This is where experimental designs come into play. Texts containing spoken conversations with lots of inter- ruptions and false starts, jokes which contain wordplay, or technical documen- tation which may contain a lot of unusual lexis, do not always have high tagging accuracies.


Using descriptive statistics, we could, for example, calculate the median number of black shoes purchased per day in the shop. We can create two categories of customers, those with earrings and those without, and note the different colour shoes that each category of customers purchases. In order to illus- trate these issues I draw on studies in the field of business discourse.

Chapter 7, by Angela Creese, describes linguistic ethnography and its methodological and analytical contribution to the study of language.

The dialectic relationship between the quantitative and qualitative elements is clear here, as the instruments used to collect quantita- tive data were designed on the basis of ethnographic observations, and the patterns revealed were studied further through a corpus of discourse data.

A hypothesis must be proven right or wrong, and hence, it is important for it to be well defined. Rasinger — This book focuses explicitly on quantitative analysis linguisrics linguistics. You will learn what these tests are, how to use them and what they can and cannot tell you. As one of the key questions in a questionnaire, she planned litosselitu ask a group of teachers: But if you find that you have an empirical research question lacking data with which to address it, or data with no corre- sponding research question, then you have a useful alert to the fact that you need to reconsider your research design.

Key Issues 55 but also in morphosyntax.

Research Methods in Linguistics

There are many ways in which we can describe this data set. In this case, we would mainly be interested in what is going on between the two interlocutors during the conversation: I truly hope this book will encourage readers to reflect on rsearch relation- ships between different research paradigms. As regards analysis, your research questions and data are likely to suggest a particular approach linguisyics framework related to the theoretical underpinnings of your work.

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