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A brief biography of Lillian De Waters, plus excerpts from some of her many books, plus a listing of the available titles by her. THE PERFECT WORLD By Lillian Dewaters What Is Spiritual Consciousness? Spiritual Consciousness is what we see, know and feel within us as Truth and. Lillian DeWaters was another person who gravitated toward Mary Baker Eddy, but like so many brilliant women discovered that Eddy was intensely egotistical.

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One of the most important experiences we are given while reading this book is the opportunity to lift the veil to see beyond the dream of mortal sense to the true Self. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. English Choose a language for shopping. We often long for that place where we rest, with no thought of an earthly problem.

Share Email Print Facebook. With clarity and inspiration, Lillian DeWaters presents the absolute Truth and through her many practical experiences sets forth spiritual principles that lead the reader into deeper understanding whereby he is enabled to rise above the temporal scene You are commenting using your WordPress. Understanding is not a mental function. Get Lean The Lazy Way.

Command And Master Your Emotions. Claim your free prosperity ebook and email course.

She had gone through the trouble to write these books, publish them, and to express her message of love, joy, and peace throughout the world. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The watchful student ever knows when the Spirit bear witness. The Speed Reading Monster Course.


Lillian DeWaters

There is a major commitment required; however, the lil,ian will be immense. New Thought has many forms, Taoist New Thought brings insights to the table that are not dewqters apparent in Abrahamic forms. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I could not deny that I was feeling pain, or could I reconcile pain with God; or did thought of another power beside God occur to me. Like her mentor Mary Baker Eddy, De Waters regards mental healing and spiritual healing to be two quite different things.

What more then could I ask? You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The reading of spiritual books causes the reader to cease his own thinking, and to look on High, receive, feel, experience that which quickens him, blesses and illumines him.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Learn dewatres about Lillian DeWaters, visit her website. Miracle Of Mind Magic.

Lillian DeWaters | Peace Of God

It lifts the vision from the mind, from the thoughts, from the self, to the great I AM, and it bases all its declarations on Truth, on Reality, and the finished perfection of God and man. The heavenly Bread that one inbreathes is not his, but is the body of Christ. New Thought Leaders “are life long learners” Learn the hidden wisdom. All that inspires us to higher action is beneficial.

This message is an exhilarating stream of insights, showing those who are prepared how to back out of the erroneous programming that accepts problems of health and wealth, revealing these as merely appearances that have no existence in Reality. Her first books were through the Christian Science organization, then she went out on her own, forming her own publishing house, and went beyond the limits of the “religious dogma” which sometimes inhabits organizations and inhibits the Teaching.


Let it be understood, it is the Spirit in another that beareth witness of the Truth; the personal individual does not impart Truth to another. As a result you would never actually reach the Holy Ideal, the Holy Spirit, the holy experience of love, joy, peace, and that you know everything. The more I turned to God for my answers, dewatrrs further I turned away from doctrines and practices which taught nothing of Self-Light and Self-Revelation, which to me was the most important thing of my whole dewaterrs.

How plainly now to see that Jesus never said that he was a student lilian Life, but insisted, ” I am the Life!

Lillian De | A Spiritual Journey

I began to ponder how I could feel pain if God is all, how I could even have a false belief; how pain could seem to lillixn or I could in any way be connected with it. When we find the Living Bread within, then we are able to recognize the Living Bread without,—in books.

The majority of Lillian DeWaters works are in the public domain which is fortunate for her. Read Divine Tao 8 “Water” Tao 8. Rejoice in all books that have raised your vision. She taught that you are spirit and only spirit, that God permeates everything and is available to everybody.