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This was the first Gary Jennings book I ever read–and I was hooked forever! Al finalizar una lectura de ese estilo, no debemos guardar el libro y dejar que el Y es que la novela no solo trata sobre los últimos años del mundo Azteca. Sangre Azteca has ratings and 56 reviews. El tercer libro de la serie de Gary Jennings, perdió fuerza histórica (por decirlo de alguna manera) y se hizo. Results 1 – 30 of Azteca by Gary Jennings and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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It’s like a thrill ride, a roller coaster that would have been sensationally perfect had you not had to wait two hours in line to experience the ride itself. Preview — Sangre Azteca by Gary Jennings. Jan 16, Nate rated it it libor amazing Shelves: The book is captivating, it’s written well it really is, and it’s that writing that gets you through this long narrative.

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However in this novel, every lady even of a fleeting importance to Mixtli is a beauty of unbelievable grace, all too ready to inundate our well-endowed hero with her unconditional love, only to die an untimely and horrific death. Seven Books Amazon has it available on Kindle.

On one hand, he was a man of acknowledged intellect and erudition. He had an insane grip on the dream of exploiting these people and he managed to pull it off through a combination of weaselly manipulation, intimidation, and outright violence.

Jennings had discovered some delightful historical episodes that aztcea add to our understanding of the world we have lost. But I’ll just say this: The level of detail may slow the story somewhat; but every time I read this book, I forget about time.

Even the most bizarre scenes e. And the sex, well, it’s I read this a number of years ago and as I recall, this was a fascinating read and it’s just short of being a five-star masterpiece to me. He is real, raw, and excruciatingly human.


Thankfully as gross and weird as this book can get most of it is directly related to the plot and somehow didn’t seem gratuitous or superfluous. I got the distinct impression that before sitting down to write the book, Jennings made a list of all the taboo topics, assorted acts of violence, and sexual perversions he could think of and said, jenjings, we’re gonna get all these into the book, somehow.

Gary Jennings

It’s not easy to bring this kind of alien world to life in such a potent, extensive way that’s also accessible to people from our time, and do it in a way that forces me to warn all of my nice older lady coworkers away from this book.

Regresemos a una era remota, a una sociedad cuyas tierras han sido arrebatadas y sus almas aplastadas por el imperio espanol, el mas poderosos del mundo. However, this native goes well beyond the usual recital of ritualistic incantations that fill so many Aztec codices. Some people complained that Mixtli tends to find himself in all the right places at the right times, ala an Aztec Forrest Gump of sorts.

Really great premise really great intro. One of the most eye opening, intense, and enjoyable books I’ve ever read. Along the way he extensively travels Mexico and gets involved in dozens of adventures and tragedies, mo This book was Paperbackpages.

Despite the fixation most people have on the human sacrifices which, I mean, is obviously understandable these people had a beauty and nobility to their culture as well as a complicated and long-developed tradition in law, custom, warfare, religion and all that stuff.

Jennings does not stint on those descriptions.

I really don’t think anyone would actually brag about having an erection whislt they were drawing a woman who was being raped by another woman right in front of their face.

The remaining three novels were written by other authors after Jennings died in It’s so full of this stuff that you can just get lost in it. I think if you read this keeping in mind that it’s historical FICTION, you can get a good understanding of a society that ritually sacrifices and consumes humans. There is a stupendous, relentless level of violence and gore: I gave this book as an impulse buy to my mother for Christmas one year.


There are graphic depictions of human sacrifice and torture, and explicit and illicit sex scenes. Essentially, it paints a picture of a culture so bloody and with a complete lack of respect for life that I had a very hard time caring. Seriously, can you imagine if in the year an author wrote a book about nowadays western world, and what if it took 12 years of “research” to write it, and what if the only thing they came up with was “westerners were all doing cocaine and having sex in clubs”?

Well, two months later I can look back on this as a time travel trip well worth the effort. Sure, this overlong confession given by a captured Aztec aristocrat to his monastic interlocutors in the aftermath of Great Montezuma’s empire being flushed down the Jennings was one hell of a storyteller: When you read a Gary Jennings book, you are transported to the world he writes about.

Highly recommended if you want to know about a mythic society that was destroyed by the Hispanic tidal wave of the time. The most valuable part of this book for me was learning about the history of Mexico and Central America before the Spaniards and during the conquest. Here’s what I learned from this work.

The novel chronicles Mixtli’s many adventures, which will take them through all of the Aztec Empire “The One World” and beyond. View all 18 comments. All of that good clean stuff really didn’t impress on me as much as all the incredibly thorough and vivid detail of this destroyed world.