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: Liberando los Ideavirus (Contagie a sus clientes y convierta sus ideas en una epidemia imparable) () by seth godin and a great. Liberando los ideavirus tiene 0 reacciones, y 0 calificaciones y reseƱas. Javier dijo: Genial. Editions for Unleashing the Ideavirus: Stop Marketing AT People! Turn Your Ideas into Liberando los ideavirus (Unleashing the Ideavirus). Published by.

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Shows how to spark a customer-to-customer dialogue ideavirys spreads like a virus, costs companies next to nothing, and dispenses of traditional marketing methods. Seth Godin is the author of numerous books, including the national bestseller Permission Marketing.

He was the founder of Yoyodyne, the first direct marketer on the Internet, which was acquired by Yahoo! Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. kiberando

Liberando Los Ideavirus : Seth Godin :

Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers. All Marketers are Liars: We need you to lead us. The extraordinary benefits of knowing when to quit and when to stick. How High Will You Fly?

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Books by David Zurdo (Author of Todo Es Infierno)

Empieza a leer Unleashing the Ideavirus en tu Kindle en menos de un minuto. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Reprint 1 de octubre de Idioma: I don’t give 5-star ratings out often, but when I do, it’s because the item is something that will rock-your-world.

Seth Godin is 5-Star! I lps “Unleashing the Ideavirus” back when it first came out. I have one of the very first downloads of the free PDF Seth made available.

Liberando Los Ideavirus

But I wanted ideqvirus book in a paper-and-ink version so I could mark it up. And just because some of the information I go to regularly, I love it in paper-and-ink. Read this book and everything you can get your hands on Seth writes. Godin himself notes that much of the content of his book and his earlier Permission Marketing seems obvious.


Yet, as he goes on to show convincingly, that which is obvious has rarely been practiced. The infamous peak of this was the spurt of expensive Superbowl ads by transient e-tailers. The book provides the expected examples of successful ideavirus marketing, then develops a recipe for concocting your own ideaviruses.

As Godin shows, the now-familiar idea of viral marketing is one very specific form of ideavirus marketing. Most businesses will not be able to engage in true viral marketing, but all can use the ideavirus approach. Godin has once again written an enjoyable book that cleverly packages important ideas that have obvious practical use. Any book like this that causes the reader to continually stop and rapidly jot down ideas to implement is well worth the hour or two it takes to ideavrius.

This libreando the newest book by Seth Godin, which is one of the authors that most influenciate my ideas. This book is the continuation of the masterpiece Permission Marketing which is about how to change the traditional marketing idea of interrupting people by permission marketing. Unleashing the Ideavirus brings the answer to the obviuos question after reading Permission Marketing: The idea behind this book is simple: This book confirms what I am saying for ages: The ldeavirus is full of case studies, with enphasis on internet business.

The ideas on which this book is based aren’t quite new, but this is the best shot of Godin’s work: The contents of this book are of immediate pratical use, on ideavurus business your are running: All of those who read this book in order to find a formula or even a guideline ideaviurs in for a disappointment.

Books by David Zurdo

This is not a textbook, this is a book written to give one an idea. The book does not teach you how, or why, it opens up a whole new way of thinking and gives the reader new directions to embrace change, and follow new ideaivrus in order to take the business in a new direction. This book has given me many things to think about, I view the marketing department in a whole new way, and as liberanfo who has a say in the company, I even bring out new ideas which break the mold and take the company into a new direction.


This book has given me the tools to come up with those ideas. Unleashing the Ideavirus offers practical ideas on how to spread a marketing message without spending alot of money. Some of what Seth Godin describes may be more common sense than revolutionary. However, he does present several fairly sound approaches to marketing and taking advantage of the concepts of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point a 5 star book and one of my favorites. My main problem with Unleashing was the organization of the book.

Unleashing the Ideavirus was a bit disjointed. It does not flow as nicely as the author’s Purple Cow by way the a 5 star book! Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones.

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