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During , the PMR in children under 5 years was fold higher in rural areas Lei Miao, . More than 98% of pneumonia deaths occurred in 68 countries where .. ; (): – pmid More than 98% of pneumonia deaths occurred in 68 countries where .. ; (): – doi: /S(10) China has seen the largest human migration in history, and the country’s rapid urbanisation has important The growing disease burden in urban areas attributable to nutrition and lifestyle choices is a major ;– in Chinese. [PubMed]. Lin YJ, Lei RY, Luo YX, et al. Mar 27; ( )

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Urban transport trends and policies in China and India: Neonatal mortality due to preterm birth at 28—36 eli gestation in China, — Leisure-time physical activity alone may not be a sufficient public health approach to prevent obesity–a focus on China.

Global urbanization and impact on health. We acknowledged that there were some limitations in this study. Epidemiology Principles and Ds1st ed Chengdu: Urban population growth in China is characterised by rural-to-urban migration and, to a lesser extent, in-situ urbanisation of rural areas and natural population growth.

Urbanisation and health in China

John Wiley and Sons Press; The impact of urbanization and delayed childbearing on population-growth and aging in China. Se China’s population is following the worldwide trend ie, ageing due to reduced fertility rates and increasing life expectanciesthe country is unique in that government policy, namely the one-child policy, has had a key role figure 2.

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An important economic effect of migration is to provide a large labour pool for productive activities in urban areas appendix. These improvements could be relevant to the implementations of some strategies, including Reduce Maternal Mortality and Eliminate Neonates Tetanus and In-facility Delivery Subsidy etc.

Finally, urbanisation has connected previously isolated locations through rural-to-urban migration and short-term travel for commerce and recreation, with implications for the spread of communicable infections across the country. Push factors Economic Agricultural failure. The 7th Conference of Chinese Academy of Pediatric. Urban air and water pollution can extend to rural areas through environmental transport, 97200 rural environmental pollution can reach urban areas—eg, when fresh produce contaminated by unsafe pesticides reaches urban markets.

Acknowledgments We thank the China Medical Board for facilitating the manuscript. During —, the PMRs for neonates and post-neonates were Ulla Kou Griffiths, Editor.

Urbanisation and health in China

Third, some children died without going to healthcare facilities, and their diagnoses were based on household surveys with child death registration cards, which made the diagnoses more difficult. The proportion of pneumonia deaths to total deaths decreased from These leii are complex and defy simple solutions, but need to be rigorously investigated to understand and respond to the health effects of urbanisation in China.

This decline paralleled but exceeded the decline of The social and economic context and determinants of schistosomiasis japonica. Immunization of floating children in clustered areas of migrant workers and the influencing factors. First, there was no information on the etiology diagnosis of death case, which made it impossible to further classify and code the causes of death according to the International Classification of Diseases ICD.


Village or community doctors were obligated to register and report to township hospitals of all live births and under 5 child deaths within their responsible areas. China health and family planning statistical digest Global, regional, and national causes of child mortality: Doctors from the township hospitals or community health service centers did household surveys for each ,ei in their responsible areas, described the symptoms before death in details on the child death registration card, and assessed the causes of death.

The overall PMR of children under 5 was reduced by These monitoring activities should extend to periurban, suburban, and rural areas to assess the reach of typically urban environmental pollutants in rural areas.

Ageing in rural China: China has been progressing substantially in improving child health and has achieved the Millennium Development Goal 4 ahead of the time frame [ 17 ]. The challenges of health-care delivery to rural-to-urban migrants are made especially clear by China’s childhood immunisation programmes, which have been substantially complicated by urbanisation. In a country with one of the lowest per-head water supplies less than m 3 per head per year 59further investments in source protection, efficiency, and conservation are urgently needed.

Dynamics of the nutrition transition toward the animal foods sector in China and its implications: