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permita o integral cumprimento da lei vigente em cada Estado-Membro? H, ya comentado anteriormente, y el denominado como «Graus». to written questions E/12, E/12, E/12, E/ 30 jun. Com a introdução da Lei nº /, o benefício da subvenção para Companhia e que não tenham sido identificados ou comentados. 7 abr. Lei n.º , de 28 de dezembro de , e alterações posteriores. Lei das Sociedades por Conforme comentado na Nota Explicativa nº.

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The proposed industrial policy focuses notably on reversing the trend by improving framework conditions.

EUR-Lex – CE:FULL – EN – EUR-Lex

The communication offers guidance to Member States on how best to use EU financial support, notably from the European Social Fund, to implement the outlined objectives. It will then be forwarded to the European Parliament and the Council for the appropriate action. The follow-up will be done in the context of discussions related to the CAP reform. Segundo Laurentinop. The rules on maximum working time currently differ considerably.

Exploiting natural resources comentadaa Western Sahara.

At this moment in time, it is difficult to anticipate any possible delays in the adoption of the legal framework for the rural comentaca policy.

It is noted that the Commission state aid services rely on information from interested parties as to the existence of distortions of competitions resulting from state aid.

The reasons for comenntada change are not entirely clear. The FEAD would be implemented in shared management, on the basis of national operational programmes, in which each Comentqda State will identify and justify the type of material assistance that would be supported by the FEAD from the options included in the regulation including good assistance. However, the Commission considers that progress on this issue can be better achieved by improved enforcement of the current EU legislation in the few Member States concerned, and by increased awareness of all actors on this issue.

Dos produtos acima selecionados, quais deles sua empresa atualmente fornece? Does the Commission acknowledge the independence of the NRAs and allow them to perform their duties independently?


Member States’ consulates are responsible for verifying this using, for example, the supporting documents comentsda by applicants or a personal interview. The Agency believes that the proposed rules would provide a robust, balanced and realistic basis for European operators, equivalent to most exigent safest EU comentadz regimes.

What further steps has the Commission taken following the EFSA’s report and its recommendation that a control system should be introduced?

The annual and quarterly national accounts of Member States compiled by Eurostat are a major source of economic information. Countries will be forced to adopt the same regulations, even when they are weaker than those currently in place, as is the case in the UK.

This citizen has always paid Danish tax on the pension, but has now received a demand from the German tax authorities to also pay German tax on the pension with retroactive effect. Acesso aos livros em coentada digital Acesso Gratuito http: Informacije o ukrepih za spoprijem z brezposelnostjo mladih.

The indicator has fallen compared to Consumers are exposed to thousands of unregulated gambling websites, which carry significant risks. Learn more about Amazon Prime. 1138 EU-Brazil Joint Action Plan calls for further exchanges on better organising regular migration flows and effectively addressing all the dimensions of the migration phenomenon. In this context the comentwda of good practices can certainly contribute to the fight against violence.

In this administration the managers are subject to performance targets and regular assessments. Revista virtual italiana de planejamento urbano.

The Member States, taking account of local pedo-climatic conditions, forestry species and the need to ensure agricultural use of the land, shall determine the maximum number of trees that are grown in combination with agriculture on the same land. Komisija se je posvetovala z zainteresiranimi stranmi, tudi z Evropskim mladinskim forumom. In line with the shared management principle used for the implementation of cohesion policy, project selection and implementation is the responsibility of the national authorities.

Portuguese researchers identify a new treatment for osteoarthritis.

How does the Commission regard the relationship between its state aid services and the independent NRAs of the Member States? In this context, what impact does the Commission expect the ending of restrictions and the liberalisation of planting rights to have on the European wine market? For example, the fourth pillar of the CARS Action Plan deals with anticipating adaptation and managing restructuring.


In these regulated sectors, the European Union itself mandated some time ago the creation of independent National Regulatory Authorities NRAs entrusted with the proper functioning of their respective national markets under open and competitive conditions, ensuring that national regulated markets develop in a cohesive manner with other EU national Member State markets. These pillars include actions aimed at the promotion of investment in advanced technologies and innovation for clean vehicles; improving market conditions; supporting industry in accessing the global market; and promoting investment in skills and training.

Arsenic contamination of Topolnitsa reservoir Bulgaria by the mining industry.

Recapitalisation of banks in Cyprus. The European Agroforestry Federation EURAF recently held the first scientific conference on agroforestry, which took place in Brussels and was attended by participants from 17 European countries and delegates from North America and Africa.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Exactly the same argument has been presented by a Danish EU expert, but this claim was disputed shortly afterwards by the Danish public service radio station, Danmarks Radio DR. De Nederlandse pers maakte onlangs gewag van de fraudegevoeligheid van sommige biovergisters door het gebruik van steeds meer gevaarlijk afval in deze vergisters. Get to Know Us. Possible emergency measures to maintain technical conservation prohibition.

Given the life-saving benefits of defibrillators, will the Commission consider applying a zero rate to this item? This is the only rescue centre in Vietnam dedicated solely to rescuing bears, and houses rescued moon bears.