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Below you can view and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Forestmen Camouflaged outpost. Couldn’t find the building. LEGO Instructions Set Number Camouflaged Outpost – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. 40 Items ItemName: Lego Camouflaged Outpost, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and with instructions, without box, missing parts: 1 blue small plume, the.

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I don’t meant this set, but refer to those classic town sets which I have. I also remember purchasing this set back in the late 80’s. I’ve owned this set since it came out and I have always loved it. This one has never come down though.

And the large opening door. The only thing that would have improved this, imo, would have been to swap out one of the forestmen for a peasant.

This was one of the last sets I bought before going into my dark age. With enough Ketchup, everything tastes the same.

Its virtually impossible to say anything bad about it. Especially when you consider its relatively small size! Indeed it is, I shall bring all of you back in time, in where castle is at its golden age, where the warring factions are mere humans.

LEGO Camouflaged Outpost Set 6066 Instructions

It is okay to use mild bleach if you feel it necessary to disinfect the parts. I received this set for my 5th birthday, and it remains one of the great “reveals” of all-time for me and LEGO gifts. An excellent exampe of that je ne sais qua that the old sets possessed and that is lacking from more modern sets.

These are the pair of old gray panel, with dark gray scattered stones pattern printed on it. Then again, I might only get one set just to compare them. A huge departure from the standard castles, but indtructions still fits perfectly into the castle theme. Thanks for reminding me and for presenting this wonderful review. I didn’t have a lot of forestman sets, but you didn’t need a lot of them, you instructons build an entire world around this one set.


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I really need to restore this one and relive the glory! Ole Kirk Christiansen started it all but the legacy of his project remains in the hands of the family.

Of course you’ve got all of the awesome figs, with accessories. This set is perfect just as it is, with a clever simplicity of concept and execution that surpasses all attempts to dress mutton up as lamb by adding all the unnecessary frivolities that often get thrown onstructions in set design these instructons. Therefore some included figures will be represented in different ethnic roles according to their characterization. Upon activation, it reveals the interior of this outpost where storage of weapons, treasure and horse are kept inside in insgructions large area.

They really should use superb older sets like these as inspiration for new sets.

Forestmen, fall in Attention, the Forestmen of the Camouflaged Outpost in the Northern territories, have fall in to begin inspection. By now I wish I did buy it. With this neutral tonality, fans can assign their own individual roles to LEGO minifigures. These are generic minifigs instructoons, and yet so beautiful with their different torsos colors representing their levels of participation within the group.

Among them, the black version is considered quite hard to obtain. Lego has a service where you can order separate bricks or contact them when a brick is missing instructiona your set. Key, though, is the playability that others have mentioned. Photographs that have marked periods have also been starred by the yellow puppets.

Very few sets in my LEGO room stay put together for very long. In the Camouflaged Outpost, you get a whole wide array insructions green foliages that is great for building forest related stuff.


LEGO SET 6066-1 – Camouflaged Outpost

Please try our search function first. Indeed, the Forestmen theme portrays much like Robin Hood and his men. Are you planning to by the new minifig collection for one more to add to your collection?

inatructions This is a great way to enter and exit freely without much obvious movements. The only difference is past alternate set designs do not provide instructions, while the current Creator series offer 3 instruction manuals for all different designs. I gave it a “5” based on my Review Score Card. I like the idea of a black sword. How can I prevent my Lego toys from discolouring? One might think that a set like this looks kind of anonymous, but that makes complete sense since it’s a secret hideout!

Yes, it should be without black mane. I’ve always noticed this is the dark horse of the all time great set stakes. The tree is constructed by using mainly black bricks. Lfgo foilages In the Camouflaged Outpost, you get a whole wide array of green foliages that is great for building forest related stuff. Please do not use the washing machine or dishwasher to wash your bricks.

This is not your typical scenery that you can imagine. This set definitely earns a 5 in my book, same goes for the review. The minifigs are more or less all the same, but my favourite one ibstructions always been the instructiobs riding the horse. Nor have they been left behind in videogames With well-known protagonists: The beautiful interior outpost filled with Forestmen Incredible playing set of all times I am very impressed with one of this legendary classic castle set, during the Forestmen era.