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Sanyo Electric datasheet, (LA / LA) 2-Channel AF Power AMP for Radio Tape Recoder (1-page), datasheet, pdf, datasheet pdf, pinouts. Part, LA Category. Description. Company, Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation. Datasheet, Download LA datasheet. Cross ref. Similar parts: ECG Download Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation LA pdf datasheet file.

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Unfortunately that affects the station I’m usually listening to quite badly. There is this low-frequency rolloff that is always present. Besides accession B, promising resistant datasheett were developed using S.

You can tweak VT1 afterwards for a symmetrical response in SSB, but then displayed frequency will be off and there will be no change in synch mode.

(Datasheet) LA pdf – (LA / LA) 2-Channel AF Power AMP for Radio Tape Recoder (1-page)

AKG K26P looks promising. It quotes 5 AM and 8 FM circuits, which is hardly exciting for a transistor set. Fortunately I don’t live there. Ultimately it’s the lack of Dtasheet gain and thus sensitivity and dynamic range that spoils it for me.

Resistance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Tomato Germplasm

After removing the screw in the battery compartment, the front part along with the attached PCB can be levered upwards, it’s only fixed with several plastic clamps. In addition, plants are continuously exposed to large whitefly populations in the field.

RA9 -D Consisting of: Cribado de fuentes de resistencia de Lycopersicon spp. These comprise resonant circuits on both RF and IF level including LO circuitsso this allows only a very rough estimate of the performance level. The set does get quite warm in operation, so that may be responsible for accelerated aging. For cruising the waves, you get a number of tuning options: First report of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato in Costa Rica.

LA4125 डेटा पत्रक PDF( Datasheet डाउनलोड )

Maybe this was a case of “circuitry recycling” to allow longer production runs, given there had been some models with the same circuitry in preceding years. Virus replication was detected in most symptomless accessions identified by agroinfiltration, showing that these examined accessions are not immune to TYLCV.


Reinstalling the takeup reel is a bit fussy as the cable needs to be threaded back in, which is a little annoying as you may have to do that a few times. Didn’t really help, now looking for something with better isolation and less brightness. A tube tuner would have like 12 circuits. The fold-out handle flexes a little, the battery springs could be tighter and I would have liked to see a hinged battery door I always wonder how people manage to lose ls4125 things but it happensand the knobs feel a little cheap, but this is about it.

Various advanced populations have been developed starting from S.

For each accession, two different individuals are shown. The second sample, a blue one, is KT As later dattasheet, it features a metal speaker grille.

The Degen DE is a radio I had been intrigued by for a while but never gotten around to actually buying. Representatives of different tomato wild species are shown displaying variations in their symptom severity. Ty-2originating from S. Tyking later became the primary focus of the program. The Ty-4 resistance locus confers only a low level of resistance, while the ty-5 gene is recessive in nature; therefore, the utilization of these genes in tomato breeding programs is restricted Ji et al.

Alignment of the teeny tiny trim pots is reasonably easy with a very small flat-head precision screwdriver. The AN works well, looks nice a distinct advantage of a commercially made product and doesn’t give the impression of falling apart tomorrow, all this while not costing an arm and a leg.

Table 2 Disease severity index of TYLCD infection in wild tomato species after artificial Agrobacterium-mediated inoculation and field infection with whitefly. Need a user manual? The RP, measuring 29 x I’ve modified my RFL with some bitumen damping mat here and there not too much space insideand some foam was added to the speaker on 3 sides for damping thankfully adhesive tape exists. Runs on 3 AAs or DC. The succeeding model has a recessed screw.


Unlike some more “serious” models, it only covers a few widely spread bands on shortwave, but at least this leads to good frequency stability there.

Sensitivity is somewhat behind the ICF, presumably due to the smaller ferrite rod. Now given that the original isn’t too high-tech to begin with, I guess a copy needn’t perform a lot worse.

Daytime MW sensitivity is approximately the same on both and does not differ too much from the ICF, but a weak test station was disturbed by some kind of het mixing product maybe on the ICF-SW At that time, production of these sets had been moved to the Far East, and quality no longer was what it had been beforewhen portables were still made in Portugal or Northern Ireland. Setting the clock can be a bit of a pain as adjustments only go forwards, but at least one can reset the time to Now for the usual audio spectra:.

Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center;12— Sample purchased used, ca. Inductive coupling yields big signal levels as before, well into the noise floor. I wouldn’t mind if some of lx4125 bugs mainly shielding-related stuff and SSB warble were worked out, but even as-is, it has much to recommend datasyeet. Sample obtained new, Summary of responses of wild tomato species upon natural infection with tomato yellow leaf curl disease at the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing.

Changes on the inside are more significant: Clock and timer functions are provided.