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A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped with a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of. Essentially, the Stompa is a smaller version of an Ork Gargant and is on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving. The Kustom stompa is a smaller version of the ork Stompa. Equiped with a large hammer and small gun. it is best used in large numbers.

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In other news, chuffed to hear the paint’s going to get a little more luvvin. These machines rank somewhere kutom a Reaver Titan and a Warhound Scout Titan in terms of overall fighting strength, though every Ork walker is different in it’s own special ways.

Wot does he know anyways?

None’s Kustom Stompa Post by C. A nice set of assembly instructions Alright folks, I’m going to be bringing my Kustom stompa to the Baltimore Gamesday.

Kustom Ork Stompa – The Guvna!!!

It truly looks cobbled together by a mad ork mek as only ork meks can do. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in.


The Stompa has somehow managed to sneak past the enemies detection grids, spotters and all common sense and has stumbled right on top of an enemy unit. You also need Buzzgob or a viable counts-as to use it, really. The only potential problem being that IA8 was written for 5th Ed and hasn’t really been updated since.

So it kuwtom get better. Hi There Currently gearing up for the new Ork release and planning on doing a walker heavy army with a Stompa as the centre-piece.

Why would you ever take an Ork Stompa over a Kustom Stompa? – Forum – DakkaDakka

No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Times and dates in your local timezone. However, a more detailed fan rule can be seen below.

So, they strapped a giant spiked steam roller on their Stompa and thus the Goff Rock-an-Rolla was born. Armed with close combat weapons and a few man-portable heavy guns, maybe a real Big Gun if they are lucky, these pot-bellied walkers aren’t even considered titans.

Reduced transport capacity to 5 to fit 2 x Titan CCW as hull mounts 25ea – 50? Use old embed code.

Kustom Stompa

Overall it stands as tall as the official Stompa Kit thanks to lightning rod and base. This continues to this very day and I now have around orks of various size and ‘specialty’. It’s just as Valid newer too as the standard: Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Not whatever Games Workshops is calling a Stompa these days, but a sgompa and true Epic -scale Stompa.


The Kustom Stompa is also 5th ed rules. No registered users and 0 guests. Ask blasta boltz he can tell you what its like being at the wrong end of a bomb sqiug in a stomp: Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: Alas each time I build something, Most people tend to Run.

Experimented with heat coloration of the exhausts.

Stompa – 1d4chan

It looks suitably dakka dakka on paper This monster eats infantry and small vehicles alike, demolishing them into an icky paste of blood and mush, but can’t kill other Titans very well. Dis’un gets a fumbs up from da mad grot. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.