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You want to buy a sauna? Here you will find quickly and easily the most. The sauna heater has always been the heart of the sauna. Discover our range. Discover a KLAFS sauna & spa showroom near you.

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For your inspiration, we have compiled examples for your home small sauna heaters and for the commercial sauna large sauna heaters. Since the dawn of time, people have felt the need to purify their bodies. To maintain peak fitness, Roman Weidefeller also does regular weight training at home and exercises on klzfs ergometer.

Scroll bottom Scroll top. Thanks to its safety sensor system, the sauna stops if something gets in the way during the extension or retraction process.

Experience KLAFS saunas and spas

Sauna heaters Inspiration for your sauna at home. In fact, it was the Romans who perfected the idea, constructing series of rooms with differing temperatures and levels of humidity.

Steam baths originated in Russia, but were known in southern and central Europe back in Roman times. Heating a large tub of water for washing required a great deal of energy, but people quickly discovered a more rational approach — to ssuna stones and place these inside a pit or an enclosed room and intensively heat a confined space.


This wood is also said to enhance well-being and swuna deep, restful sleep. This concept is based on an extremely robust, non-deforming wood sandwich wall construction, which is around 40 percent lighter than a con- ventional sauna of the same size. KLAFS manufactures made-to-measure saunas for rooms with complex layouts or features.

Roman Weidenfeller’s spa dream come true

Be inspired by our ideas and designs. We can offer certified quality saunas, such as the HOME model. The choice of sauna heater depends not only on the design, but above all on the size of the cabin, because the heater must be able to heat the entire sauna to the desired temperature within a reasonable period of time.

The integrated RelaxAudio system will do just that.

Made to measure saunas. So gentle, in fact, that it stops automatically if something gets in the way. Just take the arm hold of the leather loop and double the reclining area. Do you think that difficult locations and situations and narrow spaces eauna prevent the installation of a sauna? Roman Weidenfeller’s Spa dream come true.

Sauna planning Ideas for your spa area. Sauna in a small space? Fully glazed with clear safety glass.

KLAFS Sauna Modellübersicht

Thanks to its specially designed system, when the sauna is opened, the heater is automatically moved out of its storage space. Here, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to warm his back more intensely.


Its modern appearance, high-quality materials and innovative safety concept are unrivaled. The two head supports for comfortable reclining are mounted for use as an ergonomic backrest.

We guarantee innovative and safe technology that is easy to use. Well here you can discover how our experts create perfectly measured installations in confined spaces. The sauna heater has always been the heart of the sauna.

KLAFS: customised designs for your sauna

TALO outdoor sauna Swathed in natural surroundings. The new sauna S1. Not only the Finnish people can look back over a long tradition of sauna bathing; Indians in North America used the same technique.

Select the model that suits you when it comes to purchasing a sauna by clicking here which gives you an overview of the saunas, information about visiting our exhibition centres or access to the catalogue. There are six pre-set, fascinating natural spectacles: As individual as their owners: Comprehensive advice, sophisticated design and the highest quality are therefore all-important factors when choosing the right heater.