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KIAPI datasheet, KIAPI pdf, KIAPI data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Korea Electronics (KEC), 1A 3-Terminal Voltage Regulator. FEATURES. ・Suitable for C-MOS, TTL, and the other digital IC power supply. ・ Internal thermal overload protecting. ・Internal short circuit current limiting. ・ Output. KIAPI Datasheet PDF Download – 1A THREE TERMINAL NEGATIVE VOLTAGE REGULATORS, KIAPI data sheet.

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Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. Parts can be ordered either by mail or by Fax. In both cases, the correct part number has to be specified.

The following information must be supplied to eliminate delays in processing your order: Complete part numbers and quantities required 3. Description of datashest 4.

【KIA7912A KEC.ORI】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Model number for which part is required 5. Way of shipment 6. Symbol z Fire or electrical shock hazard. Only original parts should be used to replaced any part marked with symbol z. Any other component substitution other than original typemay increase risk of datasgeet or electrical shock hazard.

After servicing this appliance and prior to returning to customer, measure the resistance between either primary AC cord connector pins with unit NOT connected to AC mains and its Power switch ONand the face or Front Panel of product and controls and chassis bottom. In case of difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the Technical Department at above mentioned address. Spots requiring particular attention when servicing, such as the cabinet, parts, chassis,etc. Check that all screws, parts and wires removed or disconnected for servicing have been put back in their original datassheet, inspect that no parts around the area that has been serviced have been negatively affected, conduct an inslation check on the external metal connectors and between the blades of the power plug, and otherwise check that safety is ensured.

Take care to avoid kkia7912pi shock, by for example using an isolating transformer and gloves when servicing while the set is energized, unplugging the power cord when replacing parts, etc.

Insulation check procedure Unplug the power cord from the power outlet, disconnect the antenna, plugs, etc. Using a V insulation dayasheet tester, check that the inplug and the externally exposed metal parts antenna terminal, headphones terminal, input terminal, datasgeet. If it is less, the set must be inspected and repaired. Handle with extra care when the set dataeheet energized. Through great care is taken when manufacturing parts from sheet metal, there may in some rare cases be burrs on the dtasheet of parts which could cause injury if fingers are moved across them.


Use gloves to protect your hands. In most cases these properties are difficult to distinguish by sight, and using replacement parts with higher ratings rated power and withstand voltage does not necessarily guarantee that safety ratasheet will be poreserved.

Parts with safety properties are indicated as shown below on the wiring diagrams and parts lists is this service manual. Be sure to replace them with parts with the designated part number.

The set’s parts have specific safety properties fire resistance, voltage resistance, etc. For replacement parts, be sure to use parts which have the same poroperties. In particular, for the important safety parts that are marked z on wiring diagrams and parts lists, be sure to use the designated parts.

Indicated by the z mark. Using parts other than the designated parts could result in electric shock, fires or other dangerous situations. For safety seasons, some parts use tape, tubes or other insulating materials, and some parts are mounted away datasheeg the surface of printed circuit boards.

Care is also taken with the positions of the wores dafasheet amd clamps are used to keep wires away from heating and high voltage parts, so be sure to set everything back as it was originally. Parts marked with this symbol z have critical characteristics. Use ONLY replacement parts recommended by the manufacturer. Datadheet returning the unit to fatasheet customer, make sure you make either 1 a leakage current check or 2 a line to chassis resistance check.

If the leakage current exceeds 0. DO NOT return the unit to the customer until the problem is located and corrected.

KIAPI datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 1A THREE TERMINAL NEGATIVE VOLTAGE REGULATORS

Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Dagasheet handling during repair can reduce life drastically. When repairing, make sure that you are connected with the same potential as the mass of the set via a wrist wrap with resistance. Keep components and tools also at this potential. Onzorgvuldig behandelen tijdens reparatie kan de levensduur drastisch doen verminderen. Zorg ervoor dat u tijdens reparatie via een polsband met weerstand verbonden bent met hetzelfde potentiaal als de massa van het apparaat.

Houd componenten en hulpmiddelen ook op ditzelfde potentiaal. Halten Sie Bauteile und Hilfsmittel ebenfalls auf diesem Potential. La loro longevita potrebbe essere fortemente ridatta in caso di non osservazione della piu grande cauzione alla loro manipolazione. Assicurarsi che i componenti e anche gli utensili con quali si lavora siano anche a questo potenziale. Der Originalzustand des Gerats darf nicht verandert werden. Fur Reparaturen sind Original-Ersatzteile zu verwenden. Safety regulations require that the set be restored to its original condition and that parts which are identical with those specified be used.


NL I Veiligheidsbepalingen vereisen, dat het apparaat in zijn oorspronkelijke datasheet wordt terug gebracht en dat onderdelen, identiek aan de gespecifieerde worden toegepast. Only a qualified service person should remove the cover or attempt to service this device, due to possible eye injury. Optical output square optical connector: Remote control connecting cord: Otherwise, incorrect arrangement can be a cause of datashheet generation.

The viewpoint of each photograph Photografy direction Direction of photograph: C Direction of photograph: D Direction of photograph: B 2 Remove the screws. Cut the wire clamp bands. A 2 Remove the screws.

Disconnect the connectors wire and Datashete Cable. Disconnect the connector wires. Cut the wire clamp band. FFC Cable cut Direction of photograph: The Unit is standby mode. Model name is displayed.

(PDF) KIA7912PI Datasheet download

Version of microprocessor is displayed. Light up all FL segment. Serial number is displayed. Playback time is displayed. Kia912pi is displayed after PTime: Play back time total was reset. Be sure to memorize your setting for restoring again after the initialization.

The microprocessor initialized to factory setting. Mask ROM With software. No need write-in of software to the microprocessor. Flash ROM With software. Usually, no need write-in datashee software.

But, when the software was updated, you should be write-in of the new software to the microprocessor or flash ROM. Please check the software version.

P Datasheet catalog

You ika7912pi be write-in of the software to the microprocessor or flash ROM. Windows or Windows XP with Serial port. Update for software 1 Put the “Flash Programmer” and “software” folder into anywhere on your PC’s hard disc. W hen a Flash Programmer does not launch even if double-clicked FlashProg. When a Flash Programmer did not launch”. S ince Flash Programmer communicates with the unit automatically, the following dialog box appears when it fails in communication.

The yy is two digits of year. The mm is month. The dd is date.

The x is release number. And click Communication tab. If the connection fails, error message will appear. The writing of software takes about 50 seconds. Go to the 1. Update Procedure step 3. Open Check the output short of trans [T][T]. If ika7912pi is short, trans is replaced. Check [Q]corrector input voltage.