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VINETU I – II [Karl Maj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About Karl May: Karl Friedrich May (also Karol May) was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Ol. Munich Found magazine aptly compares turn of the century German author Karl May to our own Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both men were quite prolific and.

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In a letter to a young Jewish person who intended to become a Christian after reading May’s books, May advised him first to understand his own religion, which he described as holy and exalted, until he was experienced enough to choose.

Characters described as Native Americans are usually portrayed as innocent victims of white law-breakers. May’s mature work dates toafter his travels to the East. The productions vary from the original written works. Many well-known German-speaking people used May’s heroes as models in their childhood. Inwhen copyright ended, the Press began commercialising May’s works.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Winnetou. Germans and American Indians Since For another four years, from toMay was jailed in Waldheim, Saxony. InFehsenfeld left and inthe foundation fell to Klara May’s estate, and thus the Press is owned by the Schmid family.

According to an anonymous friend, Hitler attended the lecture given by May in Vienna in March and was enthusiastic about the event. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

A Review of Winnetou

The foundation established the Karl May Museum to maintain the Villa Shatterhand, the estates, the collections and May’s tomb. When he saw the art from Middle-America he stated: May, whose books combine American West settings with heroes seemingly culled from medieval myth, was the favorite author of folks as diverse as Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein, Herman Hesse, vvinetu Adolph Hitler.


May conducted talking tours in Germany and Austria and allowed autographed cards to be printed and photos in costume to be taken. Another series of novels was set in the Vlnetu Empire.

Winnetou (1893) – A Review

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is one of the best-selling German writers of all time with about million copies worldwide.

He became the creator of a plethora of highly memorable fictional characters, and his anniversary is being marked this year with a wide array of events.

Lexikon Imprint Verlag, Berlin With good behaviour, May became an administrator of the prison library which gave him the chance to read widely.

After this, May worked with little success as a private tutor, an author of tales, a composer and a public speaker. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Another festival has been conducted on a rock stage in Rathenin Saxon Switzerland near Radebeul in and then since Sascha Schneider provided symbolistic covers for the Fehsenfeld edition. The name Winnetou has an entry in the German dictionary, Duden. Eighty-seven issues of the Flemish comic, Karl Maywere published by Standaard Uitgeverij from to The first stage adaptation of May’s work was Winnetou by Hermann Dimmler.

Later, when communism gripped large parts of Europehis novels gave a sense of the world that was out of bounds to his captive audience, who hung on his words in a similar fashion to how downtrodden readers of another era must have lapped up their Dickens. The Children of Europe in the Nazi Web p. The shorter stories of the early work can be grouped as follows, although in some works genres overlap. Westerntravel fiction, German homeland novels, adventure novels. At the time of the Kaiser, May provided Germans with a fantasy world to inhabit when ordinary people didn’t travel.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vinetu: priča o putovanju – Karl Maj – Google Books

Accessed 16 October Inhe married Emma Pollmer. Bugmann, Savage To Saint: Readers wrote to May, addressing him as the protagonists of his books. May’s vision of the natives is straight out of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the myth of the Noble Savage, romanticizing their culture and ethics, and giving the story an arc of almost Wagnerian tragedy. The total number of copies published is about million, half in German. Beside a lot of good things said in the first two chapters, the last chapter provokes me to ask Orrin Judd, where she got the information that the Nazis would have gassed the Native Indians?

The wider influence on the populace also surprised US occupation troops after World War II, who realised that thanks to May, “Cowboys and Indians” were familiar concepts to local children though fantastic and removed from reality. With few exceptions, May had not visited the places he described, but he compensated successfully for his lack of direct experience through a combination of creativity, imagination, and documentary sources including maps, travel accounts and guidebooks, as well as anthropological and linguistic studies.

Karl May: the best German writer you’ve never heard of

German Wikisource has original text related to this article: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Karl May’s Winnetou novels symbolize, to some extent, a romantic desire for a simpler life in close contact with nature.

His main protagonists are Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.