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TL;DR. The OODA loop was a tool developed by military strategist John Boyd to explain how individuals and organizations can win in uncertain. John Boyd forever changed the way the United States fights wars, The OODA loop became just one of many important contributions to the. People say things like that because everyone in the military knows about the inventor of the OODA Loop, Colonel John Boyd. He was a.

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American generals believed they needed to have radically more powerful weapons in order to maintain parity with the Soviets. When fighting was necessary, he emphasized maneuver warfare characterized by quickness, variety, surprise, and harmony. That is, operate at a faster tempo to generate rapidly changing conditions that inhibit your opponent from adapting or reacting to those changes and that suppress or destroy his awareness.

If that is the case, you would need to decide to pursue another strategy, like PR or paid advertising. You saw that everyone, from homeowners with multiple mortgages to large banks, was betting on the market going up indefinitely.

Likewise, the observations you make and feedback from the actions you take should feed back up the chain. Project On Government OversightMarch 26, This is called confirmation bias and is a well-researched cognitive bias that we tend to look for and filter information which confirms our pre-existing beliefs instead of looking for mismatches.

To illustrate, when the competitors schedule a planning review to react to changes in the external environment or a new competitor initiative, the bogd can work to execute an initiative at lightning speed and give wide publicity, thereby making their planning review redundant.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Should you short the mortgage derivatives themselves? This both gives them a greater sense of ownership and empowers them to be flexible with trying different approaches.

On a grassy slope, the cortege halted around grave site number 3, In the early years of the Cold War, American Generals were still locked into the attrition mindset that had begun with Napoleon.


The approach favors agility over raw power in dealing with human opponents in any endeavor. Download it as a beautiful PDF to read later! He funnels the inevitable chaos of the battlefield in the direction of the enemy. The observation phase is data gathering in the broadest possible sense of the term: Today, insurgent groups around the world are using the strategies of maneuver warfare: According to his biographer, Robert CoramBoyd was also known at different points of his career as “The Mad Major” for the intensity of his passions, as ” Genghis John” for his oda style of interpersonal discussion, and as the “Ghetto Colonel” for his spartan lifestyle.

Today, younger reformers continue to use Boyd’s work as a foundation for evolving theories on strategy, management and leadership. The observed information must be processed to orient it for decision making.

John Boyd (military strategist)

Then the OODA loop starts all over again. The goal of orientation is to create a more accurate model of reality with which to make better decisions and take better actions. They ooca the moral and mental dimensions, the winning of hearts and minds, which Boyd understood as being supremely important.

Views Read Edit View history. This is a new observation that needs to take into account. This is the process in which an individual or organization responds to an event.

It happened informally, but it deserved to get a lot more attention. Boyd emphasized that “the loop” is actually a set of interacting boyr that are to be kept in continuous operation during combat. Such postures sow uncertainty, mistrust, and ambiguity in the competitor’s mind, enticing them to make wrong perception of threats, and thereby, make wrong decisions. He was more than just a great stick-and-rudder man, though; he was a strategist.

When there is an equilibrium state, there is little chance of survival. Of course, while this is taking place, the situation may be changing. The OODA loop, which focuses on strategic military requirements, was adapted for business and public sector operational continuity planning.


Both highlight the importance of analyzing situations accurately, checking for actions to have intended results, and making the required changes. What you do in a week feeds into boyx orientation for the coming month and so on. For instance, a company having realized the need for a new product may choose to launch a new product or repackage an existing product, based on what they perceive the customer would do with the same knowledge.

Definition and Uses of John Boyd’s OODA Loop

boud As examples like WhatsApp and the growth of one-person million dollar businesses show, the payoff is vitality and growth, the opportunity to shape and adapt to an ever changing reality and influence the ideas and actions of others. A Marine colonel, wearing the ribbons and decorations of a man lop had spent a career fighting around the world, took a Marine Corps insignia, the eagle globe and anchor, from his pocket.

Upon graduation he was invited to stay at the FWS as an instructor. Activity Log December 29, Orientation, Orientation, Orientation 2. This is an enormous advantage because if you use the product in your day-to-day life, you will develop an intuitive feel for it. Byit was 20 years. Scheduling orientation time is one of the easiest ways to implement the OODA loop in your daily life immediately.

Businesses have to focus on the mental and moral dimensions to stand a chance at unseating incumbents. The Mind of War: When you are working with people you trust, you can each move through your OODA loop cycles much more quickly.

Uses the OODA Loop as a core construct for a litigation strategy system unifying psychology, systems theory, game theory and other concepts from military science. John Boyd was the greatest military strategist of the 20th century. Air Force Commendation Medal.