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Fast Lane offers Juniper Networks Junos Associate Certification training. JNCIA-Junos exam topics are based on the content of the recommended instructor. While studying for the JNCIA-Junos (JN) certification I found a bunch Luckily, the “Fast Track” program provides some great resources. Anyone plan on taking advantage of the free Juniper Enterprise Switching certification through the Fast Track program?.

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You get the final score report within faxt business days. The exam does include some general networking questions, so if you have a few years experience or have recently studied for your CCNA you should be fine.

I finished the exam after round about 60 minutes and passed it. There tracck definitely configuration and operational command related questions.

Skip to search Press Enter. While working thorough the training materials I found that there are quite a few nice features in the Junos cli that I liked and thought were pretty interesting.

So, what about the course?

Learning Portal Home

I have a long way to go. Load The load command is particularly powerful, and it provides a large number of options. The latter is more of a hobby because my employer does not sell Juniper EX.

Exploring the Junos CLI.

Consult each track for specific pre-requisite exam requirements. March 15, at 2: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You never want your troubleshooting uncia to cause more harm!


Junos uses a VT terminal type by default, so you can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate the CLI. One thing to note is that I find Juniper much better about having the exam description and prep materials match what is actually on the exam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I am putting together a list of useful commands as I find them so that might become a blog post one day. March 20, at 2: You can get cheap SRX or on eBay. Enterprise Routing vast Switching: You might think that means I know it fasst by now. Moving between levels in a Junos configuration is a lot like changing directories on other systems.

But, and this was new to me, you get only a provisional score report!

JNCIA-JUNOS Training – JNCIA-JUNOS Certification | Fast Lane

On many CLIs it allows you to filter command tradk, and Junos is no different. This is particularly helpful when editing firewall filters and policy statements. He is a fan of Lean Management and agile methods, and practices continuous improvement whereever it is possible.

Use the detailed exam objectives to guide your studying.

Juniper JNCIA

This configuration should have basic network connectivity covered, and is required to have a root password. You can prepare for the exam in many ways. The combination greatly lowers the risk of making ignorant mistakes.

All in all, I am very pleased to have passed this exam, and in the process of studying for it my knowledge of the Junos OS has expanded massively. The testing centre was average as usual, the machine took around 10 tfack to finally start up the exam and once I finished no score report was printed, even the staff were pretty clueless why this was.


The load command is particularly powerful, and it provides a large number of options. You jncai search for longer strings by enclosing multiple words in quotation marks and using regular expressions.

Configuration Groups One more handy trick to make configuring Junos trqck more efficient is configuration groups. I am just comparing with cisco associates level exam. Check this link http: Leave a Reply Thanks for reaching out! Your email address will not be published.

Juniper devices save a maximum of 50 configuration files, including the currently active config. Hands-on experience is strongly recommended!

Both traceoptions and monitor traffic commands can be very resource intensive and should be used with caution. The message codes are all caps, with underscores between words, such as: Some questions can be answered really quick, but some questions, especially question with an exhibit, need more time.