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Also available is JANAP , which contains ship and other joint armed forces voice call signs. Although the publication is always kept up to date, normally it is. The Call Signs included in the Destroyer Archive were taken from the printing of publication JANAP (F) Section 6A. Included in the report were Voice. either JANAP or Allied Communications Pub (ACP) (3) Exotic words, expressions, or well-known commercial trademarks. (4) Express a degree of.

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Chief of Naval Operations Subj: Major users are permanently assigned first words in enclosure 1 to avoid duplication. In such cases, a Roman numeral suffix will be added to the original word combination to indicate reactivation of the nickname or exercise term.

My school was located in a barracks on Camp Robert Smalls where I began classes, A new school facility was near completion on the same site,being occupied in late June. Our class began with 28 students and ended with Nicknames and exercise terms must be approved before use. Single-up, single-up, run away with the lines; Stand-by to cast off, forget girls and wines.

Therefore, certain voice call signs which appear undesirable from a personal viewpoint are often assigned.

A beautiful pre-FRAM photo, probably from the s. Our techniques were not unusual. The new school had typewriters, we knew them as “mills”, headsets, “cans”made by TRIMM, regular operating positions and strict adherence to the instructor’s repeated direction “Feet flat on the deck and fingers on the home keys!

I should further imagine that the logical thing to do would be to disapprove the request from the standpoint of time, expense, and precedent involved. They may involve information of any classification, but the nickname and the description or meaning it represents must be unclassified.

Criteria for Selecting First and Second Words. Reissuing Nicknames and Exercise Terms. Electronic only, via Department of the Navy Issuances Web site http: First division forward, second division aft; Be quick and smart, work fast with a laugh.

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RM William R (Bill) Morse Story

To issue policy and procedures for nicknames and exercise terminology used by Navy activities. He submitted these self-captioned photos:. Requests for first word assignments will be made in writing by the initiating activity see subparagraph 8a to OPNAV N31who will ensure its validity in conjunction with the Office of Jamap Intelligence ONI nickname administrator.

Although I would not consider writing to you, direct, in search of any personal favor, I have decided that I might be forgiven for enlisting your jjanap in the official request, copy enclosed, concerning my ship. I should imagine that something so simple as a request for a change in voice radio call would not normally come to your attention.

Activities with permanent first words must designate a single POC for each first word assignment. Thanks to Max Cooley for contributing these photos. At the end of my first year, manap stood number two, and at the end of the second, number one.

Thank you for asking about the school.


I graduated as a Seaman First jansp radioman striker. My first command, the destroyer Tills, was not completely conclusive because it lasted only ten months. This is due to the limited number of words in the English language that are jannap for voice ianap.

Zumwalt was commanding officer of the Isbell from July — July The photos were taken in December while operating with Task Force 77 and in October The last three weeks janp so were spent standing four hour radio watches in a special booth made just for that purpose.

My third command was USS Dewey, the first guided-missile frigate. My apologies for soliciting your time for what is after all a small matter but I am encouraged to feel that you might take an interest in what is important to me and my ship.

On 3 March the following message arrived at the ship:. I should add that, operating on the stitch-in-time principle, when three years later I received command of Dewey, I went to that Pentagon recess to make sure I was getting an acceptable voice call sign. We were planning to do it all along.


Inquiries concerning the classified meaning of a nickname or exercise term should be sent to the office or unit responsible for the program, project, or exercise involved. Our course was 12 weeks.

In any case, Arnold J. Consequently, on 26 Octobershortly after taking command, I sent off the following letter: Therefore I wanted to make the following points to you, unofficially, in the hope that you might see your way clear to provide an affirmative decision. Send an initial e-mail to OPNAV N31 to verify availability of proposed nickname or exercise term, followed by the written request. He submitted these self-captioned photos: Contributed by Tom Crew.

Pull upon those guy lines, in she will swing; Set her in the skids, shoe her with a fling. I have the following on disc: Two non-code words, usually unclassified, used exclusively to designate that the test, drill, or exercise they are assigned to is not a real world operation. In the last month two reserve officers have requested augmentation and retention, respectively, and have specifically asked to remain aboard Isbell. We had a Bohme Keyer, loudspeaker and we copied code with pencils.

A code word is a single word assigned a classified meaning by appropriate authority to ensure proper security concerning intentions, and to safeguard information pertaining to actual, real-world military plans or operations classified as confidential or higher, once activated. POC submitting name, office code and phone number e. Applicable activities must use these for all originating nicknames and exercise terms. Porter inand a bio of CDR Porter.

Provide the nickname and exercise term, unclassified description, organization code, and a POC with phone number.