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The Purpose of Your Life. By By Jafree Ozwald. “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” ~George Sand. The soul purpose of your life is to love . By By Jafree Ozwald. Manifesting an amazing life that is rich with loving abundant experiences comes only through being connected to the God Source. By By Jafree Ozwald. “As long as we hold on to blame, we cannot forgive. As long as we do not forgive, we cannot love.” ~ Grace Elohim. Throughout the course.

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I feel so empowered and so enlightened already! You may even feel unstoppable at creating anything you desire. Let go of how you think this should look like, just FEEL yourself let go and relax into this soft warm embrace.

The Spiritual Awakening of Jafree Ozwald | Enlightened Beings

There is a divine protection and deep intimate care for you here. We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Send you a BIG hug! Our ozwale power comes from our feelings, and the more juicy our feelings are, the richer we will become in every possible way. Yet, when izwald meditate on this thought and begin knowing it as the Truth of who you are, an amazing enlightening experience begins downloading directly into your consciousness at the speed of light.

How can an infinitely intelligent Universe ever make a mistake? When we own this fact that we are the masters of our momentary experience of reality, we have the power to shape shift our destiny. Learn more about Amazon Prime. With all this effort, I still was not happy or found real lasting peace with myself or this Life. Attending to desires, fears, or dreams was not nearly as intriguing as resting into this divine super peaceful enlightening God Presence that was radiating from everything and everyone from the inside.


This is because it truly knows what you really need more than the ever-so-hungry demanding ego. We realize that we are already awake, already God beings who are enlightened and fully living in the present moment, spontaneously following wherever our spirit guide tells us to go.

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Manifest your Dream Life and Experience a Spiritual Awakening!

Please try your request again later. Take a deep breath right now and let yourself relax. Celebrate your Life by Jafree Ozwald This life that you have been given is a very sacred thing, and there are sooo many wonderful reasons to celebrate it! When we are living in total harmony with ourselves and everyone in this world we discover that life is a perpetual magical spiritual experience. The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Perhaps best of all, these awakening assignments will also ignite your natural manifesting abilities!

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Be silent and have a taste of it. There was only a channel of creative unbounded energy passing through this vessel.

What Exactly hafree Enlightnment? Have you ever wondered exactly what does the word Enlightenment mean? Sending lots of love and lightness, Jafree Ozwald. An exponentially increasing flow of deep inspirational insights happens with every thought which passes through. You are indescribable, unattainable, and exist far beyond the imagination of this limiting mind.

Osho describes it as a combination of Zorba the Greek the ultimate party animal and Gautama the Buddha the ultimate meditator. Much love and joy. Learn 12 Manifesting Secrets that will turn you into a Money Magnet.

Through a clean diet and meditation practice, we are able to see beyond it, above it, and through it. Share on Google Plus Share. It has inspired me to keep a journal with me ALL of the time now, especially for taking notes on the perfectly laid out, detailed secrets and keeping them with me.


This is where you will return to in the end, back to the source of what you are. So give yourself the gift of life and let yourself trust in relaxation! You find yourself feeling more alive, clear, and motivated to manifest the life you are dreaming to have. You meant A LOT to me! Iafree were sooo squished in this hall that there was not enough room to even stretch out your legs.

When you trust in living in an open relaxed body it will soon become an extraordinary experience that transforms the rest of your life.

Share on Facebook Share. Jaree I started applying what you taught, money started pouring in from everywhere! You can let go and completely trust this love. When you feel the good vibration you empower yourself with this awesome self loving paradigm. Jan 29th, by admin.

I believe that when we are in alignment with our passion, purpose, life mission jafree living from our highest consciousness, we naturally and effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams. Want to start your spiritual journey right away? My awakened consciousness slowly faded out as my clingy ego crept back in. Or are you manifesting, but not fast enough? Let your life be transformed and shift through any block or challenge.