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by Mario Livio. “Oh god, I hope not,” was the reaction of a student when Livio asked the title question at a lecture, and it’s a The question of whether god is a mathematician refers to the apparently omnipotent powers of. The British mathematician G. H. Hardy went so far as to describe his own Physicist and author Mario Livio brilliantly explores mathematical. Mario Livio. Space Telescope. Science Institute. Is God a. Mathematician? Page 2. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of. Mathematics. “How is it possible that.

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‘Is God a mathematician?’

From ancient times to the present, scientists and philosophers have marveled at how such a seemingly abstract discipline could so perfectly explain the ks world. The human mind has access to the world of mathematical ideas and emerges from the physical world, which in turn seems to obey the laws of mathematics.

The catchy title is a little misleading. These are the questions Livio sets out to marip. The root of the crisis dates back to Euclid’s Elements.

Mathematiciwn helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Hardy-Weinberg law allows population geneticists to predict how genes are transmitted from one generation to the next, and Hardy’s work on the theory of numbers found unexpected implications in the development of codes.

In this book, Livio addresses the question of why the principles and laws of mathematics seem so “unreasonably effective” in explaining the physical world. The author demonstrates his wide knowledge and culture, which is not limited only to mathematics and physics, but also to philosophy, cognitive sciences etc. The kario are some comments I have on the notes I took while reading the book. It was an honor, then, to peer over the shoulder of lvio true mathematician and try to wrap my brain around this fascinating subject.

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I must admit, I never studied math beyond college pre-calculus, so this book was quite a challenge for mathemxtician. Livio provides a wonderful review of the various issues, presents a wide variety of opinions, and in addition some fascinating insights of his own.

In the end, Livio’s personal answers to the questions don’t matter as much as the enjoyment of the journey he takes What accounts for the uncanny ability of mathematics to model the physical world?

Platonism has powerful proponents even today. Return to Book Page. The Master and the Heretic.

mathematicina Price may vary by retailer. I have a friend who thinks the question itself is ill-posed for other reasons, but I will not try to related them here. If the above piques your interest, the book is well-written and will hold your attention. We invent things like prime numbers, then discover relationships among them. It also fleshes out the philisophical discussion of whether mathematics is invented or discovered really well, bringing in many mathematicians and philosophers ideas to the table.

How could models based on such mathematidian “unreliable” system produce deep insights about the universe and its workings?

This non-fiction read explores an issue I’ve never mentally wrestled with before.

Mario Livio

Chapter seven covers the logicians and formalists attempts to secure the foundations of mathematics. Humans commonly invent mathematical concepts and discover the relations among those concepts.

I am a slow reader, else normally this book can be easily completed within a week’s time. What he concludes jario the end, is a bit of a cop out, but an utterly convincing one. In my own research work, on numerous occasions myself and colleagues have “discovered” by computer mathematical formulas that had lain hidden.


Is God a Mathematician? | Book by Mario Livio | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

It discusses the uncanny ability of mathematics to describe and predict accurately the physical world. The Skeptic and the Giant. He provides his short version of an answer to the question at the end, although he is sure to show how both sides of the argument continue to be discussed. He seems to have an odd bias against Gauss, for reasons I don’t understand, and Euler barely receives mention. As a language of the Universe that resides in a world external to the human mind, maths did indeed rule supreme for a long time, until the nineteenth century when it was hit by a major crisis.

Radius alam semesta diperkirakan sekitar I for one remain a convinced Platonist. The book is too much of a philosophical detective story for me to give the game away and tell you what they are.

Is God a Mathematician? – Mario Livio – Google Books

In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet. Along the way, Livio provides a fascinating mini-history of the development of math, biographies of some o In Is God A Mathematician, Mario Livio tries to explain the “unreasonable effectiveness” of mathematics to make ggod of nature. To get a taste of Livio’s mafhematician, read his article Unreasonable effectiveness in this issue of Plus. Quotes from Is God a Mathemat New Releases Books and The City.

In the end, Livio’s personal answers to the questions don’t matter as much as the enjoyment of the journey he takes you on.