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October 10, () the provisions of Republic Act Numbered Sixty-nine hundred seventy-ퟷ ve (R.A. No. hi!pwede po ba ko maka print nitong post mong implementing rules and regulations at paano,thanks. 5 years ago Reply. Are you sure you want. not in conflict with this Act and these Implementing Rules and Regulations and pertinent provisions of R.A. No. (Local Government Code of ) and its.

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Republic of the Philippines All content is in the public domain unless otherwise stated. Declaration of State Policies and Objectives. Meetings of the KK.

Any person who shall falsely certify as to the attendance of any SK official shall be criminally and administratively liable; 4 Be provided by the National Government with Philippine Health Insurance Corporation PhilHealth coverage, the amount of which to be included in the yearly General 716 Act GAAas provided for under the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Health Insurance Act of ; 5 Be entitled to receive actual travelling reimbursements as may be authorized by law, and subject to the availability of funds: Observance of Linggo ng Kabataan.

All expenditures of these funds shall be subject to COA rules and regulations.

Succession and Filling up of Vacancies. If the need arises, representatives from the national government agencies may be invited as resource persons.

These programs of knowledge transfer may include dialogues, forum, lectures, classes and other means of transferring knowledge. The SK official shall secure a Certificate of Appearance and other documents as may be required by law to be issued by the concerned authority.

The LYDC shall be headed by the concerned SK Pederasyon President and composed of representatives of youth and youth-serving organizations in the provincial, city, and municipal level. The Filipino youth and its role in nation building; and b capability building on leadership, program and project development and sustainability, financial management, and accountability and transparency, and gender sensitivity.

The SK, in the case of barangay, and the respective LYDC in cooperation with the Pederasyon ng mga SK, in the case of province, city and municipality, shall take the lead in this observance. These shall be disseminated to the concerned offices, institutions and individuals; c Prepare and keep the minutes of all meetings of the SK, including all the assemblies of the KK; and d Perform such other duties and discharge such other functions as the SK chairperson may prescribe or direct.

Art. , Rule XXIII, IRR of RA

This shall be submitted to the LCE for inclusion in the Local Development Plan and subsequently endorsed to the Sanggunian of the local government unit concerned for approval. To support rir application for membership in the KK, ire original or certified true copy of birth certificate or any valid ID or any legal document indicating the date of birth shall be presented. Provided, That such special assembly is coordinated with the Office of the LGOO and the Election Officer of the municipality or city where the concerned barangay belongs.

Corporate Finance — Midterm.

In addition, a written notice shall be posted i n at ier three 3 conspicuous places within the barangay. Suspension and Raa from Office. The LDC shall meet at least once every six 6 months or as often as may be necessary.


If the funds of the local government unit are sufficient, it can be a separate department with divisions and units for policy and planning, administration and finance, and programs and operations. For this purpose, any citizen of the Philippines residing in the said barangay for at least six 6 months who attains the age of fifteen 15 years old r not more than thirty 30 years old at the time of the lf election and who registers as member of the KK before the SK secretary shall be entitled to vote in the said special election.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The templates shall be designed by the DILG and the Commission; j Assist in the establishment and registration of youth organizations and youth serving organizations in the barangay, in accordance with the guidelines of the Commission; k Adopt and implement a policy on full public disclosure of all its transactions and documents involving public interest.

Thereafter, such amount needed for this purpose shall be included in the Annual General Appropriations Act.

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10742

As such, the SK funds shall be deposited in the name of the SK of the concerned barangay in a government-owned bank situated in or nearest to its area of jurisdiction with the SK chairperson and the SK treasurer as the official signatories; c All SK funds shall be allocated in an annual budget, and if the funds allow, in a supplemental budget in accordance with the adopted ABYIP.

A mechanism of reimbursement will also be included in the guidelines. The Pederasyon shall furnish a copy of such records to their respective provincial, city or municipal accountants as the case maybe. Admission to any public tertiary school including state colleges and universities and those locally funded public educational institutions shall be subject to the admission policies and requirements of the said college or university.

Political immaturity of the electorate in general; 4. Such SK member shall hold office for the unexpired portion of the term of the vacant seat.

As such, the SK shall consult and secure the concurrence of the majority of the KK members present, there being a quorum, based on the list of the SK Secretary, in the formulation and approval of all its policies, plans, programs, and activities that promote the welfare of the youth, such as the CBYDP and ABYIP. All notices shall be posted at least three 3 days prior to the conduct of the assembly, except for special assemblies where the notice shall be posted at least one 1 day before the meeting.

The rules and procedures to be followed in the registration of voters, in connection with the SK election shall be in accordance with existing laws. The designated KK member shall discharge the duties of the secretary during SK meetings and turn over the minutes of the meeting to the SK secretary. The organization shall be duly-recognized or accredited either by proper national or local government registering entities.

However, if a youth organization or youth-serving organization is denied local registration and verification, such organization can apply for special registration and verification to the Commission. ENSC Assignment 4. Failure on the part of the sanggunian to complete the review within the prescribed period shall render the said annual budget deemed approved; and e All SK funds derived from any source shall be stated in its financial records which shall be kept by the SK treasurer, copy furnished the sangguniang barangay, in simplified manner as may be prescribed by the COA.


An appeal mechanism shall be formulated by the Commission. We suggest Five 5 Strategic Focus for immediate consideration and action: The rules and procedures to be followed in the implementation of the policy on full public disclosure shall be promulgated by the DILG; l Authorize the SK Chairperson to enter into contracts on behalf of the SK, subject to the provisions of SK Reform Act RAthis IRR, Local Government Code of RAGovernment Procurement Reform Act RA and such other pertinent laws and regulations; m Comply with the bonding requirements in accordance with existing laws, rules and regulations, when necessary as in the case of the SK chairperson and the SK treasurer; and n Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance, or delegated by the sangguniang barangay or the Commission.

These plans shall give priority to programs, projects and activities that will promote and ensure the meaningful youth participation in nation-building, sustainable youth development and empowerment, equitable access to quality education, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and resiliency, youth employment and livelihood, health and anti-drug abuse, gender sensitivity, social protectioncapability building and sports development; 3 Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Local Youth Development Plan; and 4 Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

In their absence, the remaining SK members, there being a quorum, shall choose from among themselves the presiding officer. Any elected SK official who possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications is eligible for re-election.

The provincial, city, municipal, or barangay development council, by resolution and within three 3 months from the date of reorganization of the LDC, create an executive committee to represent and act in behalf of the LDC when it is not in session.

Special meetings may be called by the SK chairperson or any four 4 of its members by giving written notice of the date, time, place and agenda of the meeting, which can be sent either through personal delivery, registered mail, fax or email, to all members, and must be received at least one 1 day in advance.

Such special registration and verification entitles the organization to participate in the LYDC elections. Powers and Functions of the SK Chairperson.

jamminjams: where is the IRR of RA ?

Copies of local development plans shall be furnished the DILG. Deliberate failure to attend the said training programs shall constitute sufficient ground to disqualify said SK official or LYDC member or subject them to disciplinary actions. Powers and Functions of the KK. Such may be put under the Office of the LCE, the Office of the Planning and Development, the Office of the Social Welfare or in any other office deemed appropriate by the local government unit.

In the case of the SK chairperson, the barangay secretary shall issue the certification of attendance duly noted by the punong barangay.