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Items 1 – 21 of 21 IRE is a collection of peer-reviewed International Journals published by Praise International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS). Home > Products > Journal and Reviews > S. > Latest issue. International Review on. Computers and Software (IRECOS) December ( Vol. 8 N. 12). IRECOS, the International Review on Computers and Software, was indeed discontinued by Scopus in due to “publication concerns”.

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International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)

The authors hereby give their consent for Praise Worthy Prize to process their personal data in compliance with the Privacy Policy they had sight of. Abstract – Cryptanalysis on GSR fair exchange protocol to study and analyse the robustness of the protocol.

To realize data management in mobile cloud, Surrogate Object based Mobile Transaction is proposed to deal with the fundamental issues of asymmetry problems, latency problems, low abort rate and disconnection.

The security issue is a captious area in grid computing. The performance done in this paper will be helpful in choosing an optimal protocol based on these schemes for deployment of a network as well as for developing a new medium access protocol.

For the selected shortest paths the network estimates the link cost. The proposed strategy caches the data in the surrogate object which helps in reducing the average transaction time.

During the time that the X-ray tube recovers to full voltage after an arc, image data is not collected and data projections are lost caused poor image quality in the tomography reconstruction process.


This paper derives a various measurements from temporal medium-quality remote sensing images to calculate the surface area of the Dead Sea over the past 29 years.

International Review on Computers and Software

In Online Task Placement of Reconfigurable Computing platforms, the tasks are precompiled as rectangles with fixed height and width. The 2-dimensional patterns of the signatures are used as training data for the radial basis function RBF network and echo state neural network ESNN. A high scheme with low-cost encryption and an elliptic curve is established jokrnal this study to solve this issue. Praise Worthy Prize Homepage. The authors will receive the link for the download of the agreement in the acceptance e-mail of the article.

The presence of exudates is identified based on the variation in grey color presents in retina. Please note that papers must be correctly formatted in order to be accepted. Authors who submit articles for publication have to warrant that their work does not infringe any existing copyright and they have to indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty.

The purpose is to have a forum in which general doubts about the processes of publication in the journal, experiences and other issues derived from the publication of papers joural resolved. Skip to main content.

This new mobile paradigm enabled mobile devices to support data and transaction management in addition journak the static nodes. A method that has been recently developed uses local histogram and image statistics.

Information For Authors

Executing compilation algorithms on embedded processor of the platform is a time-consuming work and is not normally feasible for real user applications. By simulation, it is shown that the proposed mechanism reduces the irecps and packet drop while increasing the throughput. Please refer to our ” Ethical Guidelines for authors ” for more information. Video based object detection systems rely on the ability to detect moving objects in video streams.


IRECOS journal | Data Distribution Service (DDS) Community RTI Connext Users

It optimizes the existing routing protocol by reducing the delay and increasing the lifetime of the network. Abstract – This paper presents a new technique for efficient searching with fuzzy criteria in very large information systems. After that, the frequent itemsets are mined from the clustered results by exploiting the sliding window technique. Versatile packing, placement and routing for FPGAs package. The second challenge of effectiveness will be solved using new matching score to obtain better retrieval effectiveness.

The PE technique shows its higher performance at the level of resolution and deleting any interference-terms over other non-parametric time-frequency techniques given in the scientific literature. Data that will assist in developing this publishing platform may be shared with its developer in an anonymized and aggregated form, with appropriate exceptions such as article metrics.

Abstract – Software clone research has proved that there are redundancies in software. The average time between submission and final decision is 40 days and the average time between acceptance and publication is 22 days.

The jourhal extracted from the preprocessed finger vein and palmprint images using Journak Transform reduce the overall dimensionality and computational complexity.