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Integral Economics by Professor Ronnie Lessem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer. A Summary of: Lessem, R. & Schieffer, A. (). Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society. In this context, Ronnie Lessem’s and Alexander Schieffer’s Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society is a truly fascinating piece of.

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It is for this very reason, that I recommend this book to everyone participating in the necessary task of renewing economics from the inside out, in theory and practice.

He also gained a Doctorate in Leadership at St Gallen. Towards a New Global Governanceeconomists Narcis Serra and Joseph Stiglitz, commented that a successful development strategy will firstly have to involve those in the developing world in an important and meaningful way. Vandana Shiva Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author of several books, India. I would prefer to call it a process of synergistic emergence: Lessem and Schieffer very interestingly trace this imperialistic worldview to a powerful process of intellectual and spiritual repression within Euro-American economic thought itself.

In Integral Economics, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable approach to economics, building on the richness of diverse economic approaches from all over the globe. A powerful blueprint for the transformation of the existing mainstream economic model. As the whole book evidences, the four paths or worlds of economic thought and practice are not going to become a unified six-lane highway anytime soon.

Practical achievements have been published in a widely acclaimed volume on Integral Green Slovenia. Evolving Work Ronnie Lessem.

Integral Economics : Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society

A crisis of economics at a moment of economic chaallenge may not sound intfgral good timing. These examples are the Sekem community enterprise in Egypt chapter 4the Grameen banking group in Bangladesh chapter 8the Canon corporation in Japan chapter 12the Mondragon cooperative group in Spain chapter 16the U.

It will be welcomed by informed senior practitioners, donnie to understand the current rethink of economic theory and practice and to discover economicz to position themselves, their organisations, and their society within a new framework. However, their ultimate goal is to offer us a model of integrally informed economic innovation. Ronnie Lessem was the managing director of a clothing business in South Africa and he has acted as a consultant and adviser on organisational learning, knowledge creation and cross-cultural management to international companies such as the Anglian Water Group in the UK.


Alexander Schieffer is German. Hence, for a society to build its economy into an integral one, it is crucial to reconnect to its inner moral source, or sources, to be found in its center. Read more about the book on the Gower website external link. Secondly, one-size-fits-all are bound to fail. While what Nobel Laureate Stiglitz and Serra have to say has merit, and resonates to some degree with our own position, you can see the limits of their reach.

They argue that neither individual enterprises nor wider society will be transformed for the better without a new economic perspective. Economic commons; Grassroots economics; Subsistence economics; The social business; Co-evolutionary economics, Conscious economics; Associative economics; The developmental enterprise; Economics of the common good; Social learning and the network economy; Open economics; The cooperative enterprise; New economics; Real economics; Well-being economics; The sustainable infegral.

The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us. A person walking an authentically Eastern path of economic wisdom will not answer questions coming from the Western path in the same way a person on the Southern or Northern path would.

Integral Economics is just this alternative. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Any tradition implemented outside of the dynamics of integral cross-fertilization will tend to develop an impoverished and impoverishing orthodoxy.

They do so by introducing the most evolved economic perspectives and bringing them into creative dialogue to produce an integral, dynamically balanced approach. In fact, that NGO puts a lot of energy into showing people in the South and East that they need absolutely not seek to simply emulate or imitate Westerners when it comes to conceptions of development, wealth, or well-being.


This is the grounding axiom of any integral approach. That sounds pretty cool. Now, having read it and come to the end of this long — but, I hope, useful — review essay, I am inclined to think otherwise. The integral economy; Co-creating the future.

There are real, and many, alternatives to the economic mainstream.

In Integral Economics Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable approach to economics, building on the richness of diverse economic approaches from all over the globe. The dominant model of economic thinking has become the eonnie threat to the planet’s health and human well being and survival.

Book ratings by Goodreads.

Integral Economics : Professor Ronnie Lessem :

Vandana Shiva, India, Philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author “Integral Economics is unique in that it acknowledges the economic contribution, in theory and practice, of Africa, the Middle Ronnid and Asia, as well as Europe and America, while highlighting the role played by such social and economic enterprises as Grameen in Bangladesh, Sekem in Egypt, and Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka not only in alleviating poverty, but also in promoting a dynamic balance between different worlds.

Do read it and be inspired! She has been adamant in our exchanges that each color in the Spiral — which denotes a level of personal or collective development — takes on a different concrete content depending on whether one works with lessrm in the South, the North, the East, or the West.

Both of them are bound to come out modified in the process, but the prospect is one I find truly exhilarating. Other books in this series. It is in this inner core, so our argument goes, where we seek initial inspiration.