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Psychic sexuality has 26 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding. Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments. PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. INGO SWANN Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box

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The avoidance in this regard is important, in that many phe- nomena exist sexualizing activity, for example that cannot be ad- equately explained in the absence of knowledge about influences. However, in terms of recorded history the need to do so was felt from at least 3, B. I Ins was n period when there were still important functional distinctions between inanimate and animate energy, and between the body-mind concept and the body-energy-mind concept.

Psycic might be expected, this effort consumed a number of years. Good spirit photos were achieved in swnn presence of profession- hIn quite prepared to doubt their authenticity.

Hence the first goal of the would-be aura seer is to perceive energies. William Ferguson rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Among the best-known of the many examples portraying the aura-light-shape realms are the art works of William Blakethe English poet and artist. Many records describe that medical healers employed clairvoy- ants seers to diagnose, or asked their patients to dream about what was wrong with them, or asked oracles, omen-readers, or diviners all clairvoyant seers to do the same service.

This matter is not as complicated as it might first sound. This is especially the case if the situation involved has become highly charged— such as in combat and sexual situations.

Full text of “Psychic Sexuality”

This primitive concept ran I counter to the modern sciences after they became infused with the phi- I losophy of materialism. In the osychic analysis, however, he had great influence in his own and succeeding centuries. This, even though intuition is otherwise cred- ited and documented as saving lives and enabling new inventions.


But dumbed-down information about that particular kind of energetics can be achieved by social conditioning that directs focus not on formative and vitalistic sexual energies, but rather misdirects focus upon sexual behavior, the genitalia, and various moralistic containment policies. Descartes is unquestionably accepted as major among the founders of modern thought, but also among the most original philoso- phers and mathematicians of any age.

I utilize Part III to present a picture of what happened to me in general as a result of sitting in the copper wall environment during which lucidity, a super form of clairvoyance, turned on – and why ex t inordinary measures were soon required to turn it off.

But vivid, and awesome, elements of the societal sup- pression can be recovered from historical aspects usually deleted from conventional histories, and it is a full part of this book to recover a sampling of those elements. The bionic radiations, or the bionic light, visible to the naked eye, was described as bluish light emanating from the walls and from various objects in the darkened basement room.

The reason is rather amusing and ironic.

This factor comes to light where it can be shown that any at- tempts, in modern terms, to research sexualizing energetics, and thus to make their existence official, are socially and actively condemned. This deriva- tion is certainly possible. I Research progress led to encounters and wonderment regard- ing physical energies and fluctuating states of consciousness. Upon his death, a statue was erected to him in Salzburg.

How is it the poet Dylan Thomas named that energy: Thus, the terminology games researchers played often caused the same phenom- ena to be referred to one way and than another. Descartes eloquently attacked Chandoux, vigorously claiming- 1 that only absolute certainty not probability could serve as a basis of hu man knowledge, and 2 that he himself had a method of establish- ing this psydhic.

Secrets of Power II: Magnetics re- search has been better remembered by its theories. Refresh and try again. But intuition moved quite close to energetics, and so re- search of it is avoided by mainstream science and psychology.


If they were not, it is quite difficult to see how they could influence anything at all. It appeared during the lateand only during the s did it take on broad usage. Indeed, even if the existence of the sexual whatever was known, would know what it was for in the absence of energization. Even so, two general categories of perception can be identified: The photographic plates of these two sad events were examined and reexamined with the certitude they would be debunked.

Harper Collins,p. It is also quite well established that what we today would call psychic sexuality was often treated as having ceremonial, cathexis, and psychic implications.

Psychic Sexuality

But for reasons decidedly obscure, it is perhaps sswann mean- ingful somehow that this success caused not so much as a ripple in contemporary parapsychology— and which otherwise is always on the lookout for proof- positive of ANY Psi faculty.

Cathy Hookey rated it liked it May 20, A disproportionate number of the sensitives demonstrated sym- with the color blue, an antipathy sxeuality yellow, particular food le- nd sensitivity to certain metals, and were unpleasantly affected mornrs. Please try again later. One of those top- ics, of course, is human energetics. There are two ways to remember Spiritualism— the simple and the complicated way. Many had no visible ills to cure. It consists of fluctuating colors, color layers, and variously shaped energy structures and which sometimes can extend far beyond the margins of the mistlike properties.

But you will recognize the ex- periential concepts of various kinds of clairvoyance and telesthesia. Paraffin and creosote were to have equal importance in other areas.

K Although the pro and con polemics of spirit photography grew heated, both sides generally agreed albeit for different motives that i he photographed phenomena were emanations unknown to physical loience.