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The distancing of critical analysis from autobiographical sleuthing reaches its furthest extent in Patricia Ingham’s rebuttal of Michael Slater’s Dickens and Women. Genetically Engineered Klebsiella plan- ticola: A Threat to Terrestrial Plant Life? (accessed November Under the direction of his academic advisor, Elaine Ingham, Holmes Because Ingham’s assertions were scientifically rebutted before the.

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So what does Klebsiella-planticola do in root systems?

Her hens keep themselves busy digging through it. Think about a wine barrel or beer barrel after the wine or beer has been produced? I am dead serious about the two questions in this comment. Let’s admit the mistakes, as she has done, but let’s not be bullied by the self-righteousness of those whose mistakes, though different in nature, may be even greater.

While regrettable, a typographical error does not change the fact that the scientific data are published and in the scientific record. From that experiment, we might suspect that there’s a problem with this genetically engineered microorganism.

Some of you have opted to give a regular donation. This is greatly appreciated as it helps place us on a more stable financial basis. And so, since we stopped that, we were able to keep it in the laboratory.

It is our opinion, having reviewed the published results of the research undertaken by Holmes and Ingham, that Dr Ingham’s conclusions are not substantiated by that research, and are therefore scientifically unsustainable. This is a great learning tool for all of us. As a result, strain SDF20 has been enabled to produce alcohol, and it still retains the pyruvate-formate-lyase mutation.

Full story of the Dr Elaine Ingham controversy over Klebsiella p.

It’s very unfortunate, from both a personal and professional standpoint, that Dr. The result of such a natural balancing process would be a degradation of the alcohol produced by Klebsiella through other soil bacteria. I combine half by volume nitrogen jngham materials with carbon materials. Over the 8 week test ihgham, the numbers of SDF15 parental and SDF20 GM in both planted and unplanted soil declined by 6 orders of magnitude 1 million-fold indicating that these organisms are incapable of surviving under the conditions of the experiment.

As an example, see: Other bacteria would happily consume that alcohol, and so on. Wevers letter attacking Dr. To grow fussy plants like vegetables we need to introduce beneficial microorganisms and fungi into the soil via well made compost. It was an interesting post, and as a newbie to your blog id just like to add that i too thought it was friendly banter, no need to change the tone.


Following fermentation, the residue could have been available as a fertiliser. While regrettable, a typographical error does not change the fact that the scientific data are published and in the scientific record. Her further assertion is that US authorities approved field trials involving the modified bacterium with little or no understanding of the ecological consequences and it was only as a result of independent action by herself and a student Michael Holmes that possible environmental disaster was avoided.

Ignore the rhetoric, read the facts, febuttal for yourself. Luke Anderson Scribe Publications Melbourne None of the wheat plants were killed in microcosms into which the not-engineered parent organism or just water were added.

If he still had the engineered bacterium, he could repeat the work. I got the bantering. You get to keep all that wealth close at hand. Or, alternatively, was it a predictable result and the point is that it slipped through a gap or a deficiency in the regulatory process?

Bacterial species for example Escherichia coli generally consist of strains or clones which may be adapted to particular ecological niches ie they are ecotypes.

Some people knit from patterns, others make it up as they go. The taxonomic breadth and extent of transfer has been so vast that one can think of the operational gene component of prokaryotes [i. I have to, respectfully, disagree with commentators on the use of black containers to create heat. Non-existence of scientific paper relied on 9.

Once that was done, the plan was to rake the plant residue from the fields, gather it into containers, and allow it to be decomposed by Klebsiella-planticola. And Homegrown Neighbor keeps a bin in her run.

Evidence in Rebuttal – Life Sciences Network | Scoop News

Could you please describe exactly who made the discovery about the growing of klebsiella – well, what happens when wheat was grown in a field with – or in soil with klebsiella? However, since many scientists are willing to make inferences that GMOs are safe, we are supposed to accept their safety as a scientifically proven fact.


I just let it rot. This bacterium was being considered tebuttal release, and my understanding was that release was mere weeks away when the results of Dr. Genetically engineered Klebsiella planticola: Even the appearance of professional dishonesty destroys credibility. John Ikerd, a retired professor from the Sustainable Agriculture Systems Program at the University of Missouri and we have reprinted it below as a final comment on this matter.

Dr Ingham’s assertions 1.

That being said, I stand behind the need to pay some attention to compost intended for jngham vegetable garden. Assertions relied on by other persons 7.

2001 articles

People who use Scoop for work need to be licensed through a ScoopPro subscription under this model, they also get access to exclusive news tools. The engineered bacterium makes about 17 parts per million alcohol. So, when we came along and started adding that organism to soil so it could move into the root system of a plant, grow on the exudates actually produced by the plant, and now start making alcohol in the root system of the plant, an unexpected unpredicted occurrence happened, which was seven days after the genetically engineered klebsiella planticola was added infham the soil; all of those wheat plants turned into slime.

Regardless of whether the EPA did or did not repeat the work, addition of genetically engineered Klebsiella planticola to soil has been shown to result in death of wheat plants in laboratory units. Does his inability to repeat the work now suggest his Ph.

Michael Holmes had been repeated. The claim that “the engineered bacteria produces far beyond the required amount of alcohol per gram soil than required to kill reebuttal terrestrial plants because the parent bacterium has been found in the root systems of all plants where anyone has looked for its presence” Witness Brief, paragraph 4 is not supported by the evidence. Why isn’t there a title on the paper that screams “addition of GE bacterium kills plants”?