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Infinite Undiscovery at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide. Infinite Undiscovery FAQ/Walkthrough By Jason Venter jasonventer[at]yahoo{_dot_}com. Infinite Undiscovery Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 48 videos by mikey (). Title, Duration, Date. Part 1: Intro.

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Kron has a couple of status attacks up its Well, it still leads faw, only this time you can choose another destination – Castle Valette. There are two treasure chests by the table. Return to the center of Luce Plains and follow the road E until you reach Burgusstadt. Then check your items to see if you’re stocked on revival items, and status-curing items especially charm!

This means that you should be able to easily consult the FAQ specifically ffaq the area where you currently are stuck without running the risk of spoiling some encounter that takes place 2 or 3 hours down the road.

Ignore that for a moment and head left instead, where you’ll fight a wolf-like creature. Backtrack to open the last two doors on the left side of the first floor and undiscoverry you did everything properly, you’ll unlock the ‘Capell to the Rescue’ achievement.

Walkthroughs for Infinite Undiscovery

Pass through it and you’ll find that the hallway ininite branches. There’s a blue door with an orb above it – it flashes red and blue.

Continue N, pass first branch leading W and enter the second. Once that’s tended to, you should go ahead and talk to the twins again.

Infinite Undiscovery FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by Split Infinity – GameFAQs

It’s important that you don’t forget to do so. Sigmund has some unndiscovery news for you. While any defeated enemy is somewhat likely to drop an item, most carry around two or three item types and will only part with the most precious when they have been defeated following a surprise attack.


A merchant brought him in with request for raising him Start by attacking him, then follow that path to a dead-end room where there are several more soldiers.

Infinite Undiscovery – Walkthrough/guide

For now ignore the treasure room and continue down the hallway until you find yourself at a four-way. When you get to restricted area SW cornerand considering you’re facing them, it’s the left of the two girl guards. But you have some help – whenever you reach a cross, taq at the paths leading in different directions.

Be ready to take some damage when it uses a move which damages everyone around the boss, and heal afterwards. Defeat him and undiscoverj move on past the next cell. In any event, exit along the northwest path when you’re ready to enter the Vesplume Tower area.

Infinite Undiscovery (Video Game ) – Frequently Asked Questions – IMDb

Cobasna is a confusing place, as it has a series of warp walls which teleport you to a different place inside Cobasna or back at where you started. When Saranda recovers, barrier reappears and knocks you back. The layout is as follows: Now let me address some things: Go to the bar and talk to ‘Waitress’, then the old ‘Customer’ to find out that Bure moved to Kolton.

If you’re ambushed, it’s tough to emerge ayatorious, so tap that Y for healing.

Return to the area with those four locked cells and open the next of the cells. That’s good for experience boosts, but bad if you’re in a hurry. Talk to him and he’ll merely infintie. You will have to smash thru four bosses before you get a chance to save, so doublecheck your inventory.


You’ll see airborne enemies circling here, but they die as easily as any other monsters if you stand below and use your upward slash to ground them. Sign Up for free. If everyone is KOed, it’s Game Over, so tread with caution.

The most obvious one is that you’ll be able to start striking before running the risk of taking any damage yourself.

Talk to ‘Talented man’ near castle’s entrance – he’ll tell you about letter being written backwards. It is very rewarding to advance the plot and accomplish the many, many sidequest available along the way. You’ll find Edward and other chrs on his team waiting on other side of the railing. You can purchase some improved weapons for your undisocvery, so go ahead and do so as desired.

Dominica Connect and talk to Rucha for a scene to changes Dominica’s Trait 2.

Head E in the plains until you come to SPN. There are instances where that is out of the question, however.

Here, there will be a few gargoyle statues to your right side. Normal mode is for intermediate players, and the game notes that most content is available. Slashing the chest horizontally will never break the item inside I still don’t recommend to do it, though – leave locked chests for Vic or Komachi in order to upgrade their CS traits.

Results change according to abilities and levels of assembled members, along with other factors.