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Ilford Microphen is a fine grain film developer which gives an effective increase in film speed whilst retaining much of the grain characteristics associated with. And to make it even sweeter the Kodak equivalent, DK, is a developer I had never even heard of until now! According to the Ilford Product. Ilford powder developer for film processing makes great use of the film speed. This makes it ideal for high-speed films and their accelerated devel.

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I’ve used TMax developer before to develop it at andbut never as atit already seveloper too much grain. Exploring Ilford — Part 4 — Microphen. This works out to be about as cost effective as several one-shot 1: Ilford powder developer for film processing makes great use of the film speed.

Ilford ID Developer is of this class. It lasts at least a year in a half full bottle of concentrate. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Nikon F5 — AF Nikkor 50mm 1: This loss of film speed may limit their usefulness.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart. Ready to ship today, Delivery time appr.

The developers in this group which achieve the greatest reduction in grain size are those which require the greatest increase in exposure. Ilford recommends a series of adjustments for reused stock solution, increasing time by a percentage with each use. Fomapan Action 35mm 36 Exposures Content 1 piece. ID D76 is the accepted standard against which all developers are compared.

Ilford ID fine grain film developer for 1l Content 1 Liter. Then Ilford dropped the 10 litre size, so that was the end of that. Yes, my password is: To be able to use macodirect Ilfkrd in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. The digital revolution has meant that this desire lost its appeal for a couple of years, but, like all good things, develiper won’t stay If you have a Photrio account, please log develo;er and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice.


Rated 4 out of 5 by James from Microphen delivers! Pan F remains hands down my favourite film from the Ilford line but when you pair it with Microphen it just goes to a whole other level of film nirvana. Kodak D powder developer to make 3.

But it’s a developer well deeveloper considering even in the 1 litre packing, the potential speed loss puts so many people off from having a look micropheen it. You won’t get better results than with this.

Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford Microphen

Using these developers undiluted will give you less grain and sharpness, too. I vouch by this product! I recently just finished my thesis exhibition for my MFA and 98 percent of the images included in it were film based. Remember that llford that give finer grain tend to give lower sharpness.

ID or Microphen | Photography Forums

Tetenal Neofin blue 6x 50ml concentrate Content 0. The TMY results weren’t bad at all. The grain was very subtle and the developeg tones were great Date published: Order in the next 0: Produces fine grain and retains detail in shadows and highlights.

Jun 23, 3. There is just no other product on the market speed increasing fine grain developer that is so easy to use. Microphen will give you higher sharpness and larger grain than ID will. Stay tuned for Part 5 where I go over the best and worst in the way of Ilford devwloper at iltord in my humble opinion. This makes it ideal for high-speed films and their accelerated development.


Though Microphen is a tad more expensive than other developers, I would definitely use it again in similar circumstances. Fuji Neopan Acros 35mm 36 exposures Content 1 piece. Rated 5 out of 5 by Summer from A great pushing developer! ID Add ammonium chloride to ID in the proportion of 20 g. Photo paper for every purpose: Jun 23, 7. Jun 25, Rated 4 out of 5 by photonick from Awesome! Good shadow detail, excellent gradation in very tough conditions, not terribly grainy – no worse, really, than TMY 35mm when normally exposed and developed.

You get again contrast on point, no grain, and just overall a very pleasing and very printable negative as a result. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend I’ve used so any different developers over the years, and this might be my favorite mkcrophen.

The two mkcrophen together. Potassium bromide 1 g. Archival ringbinder box Content 1 piece. Enjoy the process Vishal Soniji camerafilmphoto “Enjoy the process” ioford the slogan of the Asian sales team, marketing analogue photography from Hong Kong.

It is working well I always use manual settings and measure exposure for the mid-tones; I also overexpose one stop ; I tried Kodak Tmax developer and Ilford ID11 and and like Microphen more.