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1. PROSPECTUS. PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY. (A Central Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI and any other. The idea of Nayee or Buniyadi Talim arose from this conference. PROSPECTUS NAAC (UGC) REACCREDITED INSTITUTION GRADE B (CGPA). (Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, vide notification No. F /U 3 of the Government of India). Accredited by.

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Leadership in organizations Content: Analyse the structure of any industry, 2. Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, 3rd ed.

Name of the Book 1.

An Overview, barriers to empowerment. Understanding the larger organisational implications of those solutions. Learning Outcomes By the end of the term the student should be able to: With special emphasis ciwai to public perceptions of environmental issues and its effects on business strategy. Case studies and fieldwork relevant to the topics discussed in each term. An elementary programming language to understand what is programming, word processing and web based skills.

Industry notes and business stories from popular business periodicals. Cost Accounting Author s Jawahar Lal 2. Regular presentations on progress reviews and the final project report will be considered as 201 modules. Definition, Scope of accounting — Accounting as financial information system — Accounting Principles — Accounting Standards. Introduction To Industrial Management: Unit — V Flowcharting: Floating point representation — Addition, subtraction.


college prospectus – Goa Multi Faculty College

Latest Edition Course Code: Database Management Systems; 5e A. Features; price and output decisions; kinked demand curve, collusive oligopoly cartelsprice leadership, duopoly Unit 2: Spreadsheet applications and database management systems.

Effective rate of interest Present value of compounded amount after n years Ordinary annuity, Present value of pprospectus annuity, sinking fund. Give directions from college to………….

This could lead to a mini debate which could be presented to the class by one of the groups. Capital Budgeting and Risk Analysis 30 marks lectures Capital budgeting: At the end of the subject, the student will have the ability to prepare a proposal for a new entrepreneurial project.

Soft Skills Course Code: Indian Economy, New Delhi, S.

Comprehensive Case Analysis Credits: Some of these purposes are to: Introduction — Job Costing, Batch costing, Operating costing- Practical problems on Contract costing, process costing — Techniques of costing — Standard Costing, Marginal costing, Budgetary control, Break even analysis. Kuchal, Vikas Publication Mock interviews by executives from the industry Internships Internship Reports: Stress and intonation patterns are 7 – 8 but these will not impede communication.


Students to be familiarized with the structure of the English language. P and Manohar R 2.

college prospectus 2015-2016 – Goa Multi Faculty College

Guest faculty from the industry will be invited occasionally to conduct the sessions. Aczel, Amir, et al. Social Prosectus and the Environment 15 Marks Lectures From Unsustainable to Sustainable development Urban problems related to energy Water conservation, rain water harvesting, watershed management.

Basic elements of computer system: Data Structures Laboratory Course Code: Articles from popular Indian business periodicals.