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Learn more about the Agile gibbon – with amazing Agile gibbon photos and facts on Arkive. Species: Hylobates agilis; Common name: Agile gibbon; Synonyms: Hylobates rafflei, Hylobates unko, Hylobates albo nigrescens, Hylobates albo griseus. Demographic processes and the structure of a population of agile gibbons ( Hylobates agilis) were investigated over 6 years in the Gunung Palung Reserve, .

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Estimates of population size, density, and biomass revealed a population whose groups were stable in size and composition.

Also known as Dark-handed gibbon. Illegal poaching for meat and the pet trade are contributing factors in the declining numbers of H.

Agile gibbon

As in all primates, communication in this species is complex and involved several different modalities. Wild animals hylobztes do not live as long. Hylobates agilis becomes sexually mature around the age of 8 years. X Close Link to this photo Embed this Arkive thumbnail link “portlet” by copying and pasting the code below.

ADW: Hylobates agilis: INFORMATION

Chimpanzees touched photographs of white-handed gibbons hyloobates than those of other gibbon species. One hundred great calls were recorded from 20 females and analyzed for 18 spectral and temporal acoustic parameters. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Gylobates prepared two types of stimulus sets.

Embed this Arkive thumbnail link “portlet” by copying and pasting the code below. Accessed December 31, at https: Like all gibbons, it lives in monogamous pairs in a strictly enforced territory, which is defended with vigorous visual displays and songs.


Johns Hopkins University Press. Terms of Use – The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to Arkive’s online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only.

Positive Hylobates agilis is not an important economic resource for humans. These singing bouts are often duets and are a way of claiming home territory.

Visual preference in a human-reared agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis).

We recorded great calls hylobatez female agile gibbons from two populations on Sumatra and two populations on Borneo and examined the vocal variability on four levels: Endothermy is a synapomorphy of the Mammalia, although it may have arisen in a now extinct synapsid ancestor; hylboates fossil record does not distinguish these possibilities. The species is generally thought not to have subspecies, but some experts recognise a mountain form and a lowland form. Males also particpate in parental care in this monogamous species.

Negative There is no known negative economic effect of this species on humans. Hylobates agilis agile gibbon Facebook. Patterns of survival, fecundity, mortality, and dispersal combined to produce negative rates of growth.

This article is about the agile gibbon endemic to Sumatra and the Sgilis peninsula. This adaptation aides in brachiation, the prnciple mean of locomotion for these animals.

MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends. Agile gibbon Hylobates agilis. Vocal characteristics have been used extensively to distinguish different taxonomic units of gibbons family Hylobatidae.

Sign up to our newsletter Get the latest wild news direct to your inbox. Additionally, the male is slightly larger than the female. Fruits have a high caloric content. Javan gibbon Hylobates moloch. Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help!


In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Apes of the World. Primary Diet herbivore frugivore Animal Foods insects Plant Foods leaves fruit flowers Predation Details on predation in this species are not available. Two behavioral factors, territoriality and monogamy, account for the size and stability of gibbon groups.

Agile gibbons have also been observed eating a variety of other foods, including leaves, flowers, and insects. Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Which species are on the road to recovery?

The average weight of H. Visual preference was assessed using a free-choice task in which five or six photographs of different primate species, including humans, were presented on a touch-sensitive screen. Demographic processes and the structure of a population of agile gibbons Hylobates agilis were investigated over 6 years in the Gunung Palung Reserve, Indonesia. Problems playing this file? Image credit Link to this image Add to scrapbook How you can use this image. Authentication This information is awaiting authentication by a species hylobayes, and will atilis updated as soon as possible.

Details on predation in this species are not available.

Agile gibbons, Hylobates agilisare found in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The gibbon subject initially touched photographs of agile gibbons more than white-handed gibbons, but after one and two years his choice patterns resembled the chimpanzees’.