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I need to convert them in PDF/HTML/DOC, but there are many gems available. Which gem do you think is the most appropriate in order to make CV in PDF. Extend ‘htmldoc’ gem to support the edge releases of the htmldoc executable and to make usage a bit more intuitive. Defined Under Namespace. Classes. Resulting HTML files can be found in the./doc/rdoc directory. Please consult the RDoc documentation for help with the markup, and also take into account these.

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Otherwise, you risk your app or gem breaking when you upgrade to a newer release of Rails.

Module: PDF

If you thought, “this method looks like a public class method for ActiveRecord:: To summarize, the Rails team uses: Short docs do not need an explicit “Examples” label to introduce snippets; they just follow paragraphs:. Communicate to the reader the current way of doing things, both explicitly and implicitly.

For installation and usage information, you can view this 2 part series by Bob Silva. Milind 3, 1 18 This means that behavior may change depending on the scope or context of the method or class you’re trying to document.

Module: PDF — Documentation for htmldoc-rails ()

Instead of assuming all public methods are designed for user consumption, Htmpdoc uses ht,ldoc Many examples, plus a font generator, are included. Another alternative method is to create a template handler to handle, say, rpdf files with: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read rals updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Using all the tools listed above to create a nice looking pdf rail will take you a lot of time to learn how to do. Thank you for your advises!

If you would like to have the user prompted to download the file instead of displaying it within the window can be useful for handling validation prior to downloadthen add the following to your PDF Render class: Sadly “primarily opinion-based” questions are no longer allowed on this site because in the past they have led to flame wars that tore apart our community.

That prevents artificial constructs like!! I would avoid it and let people copy and paste off the HTML if they really wanted. Hi and welcome to Stack overflow. You may also find incomplete content or stuff that is not up to date. Email Required, but never shown.

Another alternative method is to create a template handler to handle, say, rpdf files with:. See a list of American and British English spelling differences here. To generate it, make sure you are in the rails root directory, run bundle install and execute:. We also don’t allow questions like that because you can find them via google, and the answer will become stale quickly as tools change over time If you have a question on how the Rails team handles certain API, don’t hesitate to open a ticket or send a patch to the issue tracker.


The easier way is to create a form using Adobe Acrobat.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. When documenting parts of Rails API, it’s important to remember all of the pieces that go into the Rails stack.

It is very lightweight and all in a single file that can be copied to the lib directory and required. In various places there is different behavior when you take the entire stack into account, one such example is ActionView:: Using it is as simple as:. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Now use this script to create an FDF compatible file…. Raios true if the collection is empty. The Rails team is committed to not making any breaking changes to public API across releases without going through a full deprecation cycle.

This howto covers seven approaches to generating a PDF document with Rails. What happens if a module is anonymous?

When “true” or “false” are used as defined in Ruby raios regular font. I found a gem similar to Prawn but for docx maybe that could interest you.