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October Quick Start Guide for UDC Universal Digital Controller. For detailed instructions see UDC Controller Product Manual UDC Application Note. UDC AS AN AUTO/MANUAL STATION. SEVERAL CUSTOMERS HAVE LEARNED THAT THE UDC IS AN EXCELLENT. View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download.

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Parts not shown are listed in Table Electrical Noise Precautions Electrical noise is composed of unabated electrical signals which produce undesirable honeywlel in measurements and control circuits.

Mounting Notes Before mounting the controller, refer to udc200 nameplate on the outside of the case and make a note of the model number. This is the difference between the value of the process variable at which the control outputs energize and the value at which they de-energize.

The sets can be: Page 16 Fast Tune and Slow Tune. Page 4 Chassis Ground. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. This will be your security code. Page – Table Troubleshooting an Ethernet C Using A Computer Setpoint overriding Controller Setpoint 0 Shed code 79 allows the override to continue indefinitely or until the reset shed timer register address 1B90 is written using function code 6 or register address 7F using function code Page 98 If it is connected, only one instrument should run the loopback test at a time.


Input 1 or 2 Set Up Wiring Available only for Radiamatic inputs. This time can usually be found on the nameplate of the motor. Power-up Tests You will see: Symptoms Compare your symptoms with those shown in Table If the Ratio for Input 2 is set to 0.


When the switch is closed, the output can be adjusted from the keyboard. The controller is in Monitor Mode if the Shed timer is disabled. If there is a malfunction, a diagnostic message will be shown on the lower display.

Integer data is represented in sixteen bits honyewell is transferred high byte first. This will give you a record of how the program was developed.

Thereafter, that selected number must be used to change the lockout level from something other than NONE. Table Integer Parameter Type Integer data is represented in sixteen bits and is idc3200 high byte first.

Page 75 mA output or mA output mA operation without the need for recalibration of the instrument. Listen for a click from the relay when the OUT1 indicator changes state. Page Parts Identification For water-protected installation, install four screws with washers into the four recessed areas in the corners of the front bezel Figure hlneywell RATE action, in minutes, affects the controller’s output whenever the deviation is changing; and affects it more when the deviation is changing faster.


Input 2 Set Up Group Algorithm Set Up Group hysteresis of the on and off states of each output.

Honeywell UDC3200 Product Manual

Uc3200 this number down. If you do not press any keys for 30 seconds, the controller times out and reverts to the mode and associated display used prior to entry into Set Up mode.

SS plus a clockwise rotating clock face.