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: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger ( ) by Alick Bartholomew and a great selection of. Hidden Nature. The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by David Bellamy. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by. Hidden nature: the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger. Responsibility: Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. Imprint: Edinburgh: Floris,

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I walked slowly along the flume until I came to the trap and the sorting basins, from which a further length of flume continued. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shizuru Kikuchi rated it really liked it Oct 28, He saw that we were hell-bent on a path of self-destruction, and predicted that, within a generation, our climate would become more hostile, our food sources would dry up, there would be no healthy water, and ill- ness, misery and violence would predominate.

From his unusually detailed observations of the natural world, he pioneered a completely new understanding hivden how nature works.

Hidden nature : the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger in SearchWorks catalog

Responsibility Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. I then waited for an increase in the strength of the water current. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. In schaubberger traditional communities, the hard, straight lines of structures were often softened with decorative embellishments, such as are still found on the eaves or rooflines in some Alpine villages.

I opened the lock, behind which my workers started to arrange the smaller logs in the water. Schauberger’s flumes followed the curves of the valley, with guide vanes mounted on the curves, making the water spiral along its axis. Schauberger did not blame the political hierarchy for the world’s woes, as we often do today. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart.

A zone of negative thrust is created along the whole of the trout’s body and so it stays in the same place.


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Several generations of his family had lived in the unspoilt Alpine forests. He provides us with a comprehensive and holistic approach to naturee Nature. In the natural process of synthesis and decomposition, the temperature is either approaching positive gra- dient or moving away from negative gradient the anomaly point.

Walter Schauberger Viktor’s son cal- culated that a typical car on a journey of km miles con- sumes as much energy as a human being uses in a whole year.

A close relation- ship with a dog, cat or horse often reveals instances where the ani- mal is aware of a nonphysical ‘presence’ which is beyond our own awareness or which may be a spirit presence.

Schauberger discovered that Nature operates according to very strict laws. Every thing, both animate and apparently inanimate has its own vibrational or resonant fre- quency that can be enhanced by sympathetic vibrations, or harmed by vikhor. Both are schaauberger of reality, but unless we are vimtor to bring the two aspects meaningfully together, the world will present noth- ing but incomprehensible riddles to us. The reverse is true. Rob Nelson rated it it was amazing Mar 05, vkktor I sat on a rock above the water in the Sun.

Working with Nature It was through this vision that Viktor found common ground also with the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Following Goethe’s eighteenth century view, he conceived of God as a kind of ‘Divine Weaver’ of the unfolding tapestry of Evolution. Nielsen Book Data Many Christian symbols, including the fish and the bishop’s mitre, have been derived from the vesica.

In order to arrest the downward spiral of our culture, we must take note of systems that encourage cre- ative change see Fig. This was evident from the fact that often he seemed to write in a trance-like state, returning to nor- mal consciousness quite surprised by what he had just written!

He argued that all physical manifestation develops as the product of focused energy from the ‘Will-to-create’ or original ‘Source. Some of this gets natkre complex, but understanding the exact workings of how a tree pumps sap based on temperature gradient is not necessary to comprehending the basis of balance in Nature. So energy is cause, form is effect. The moonlight falling onto the crystal clear water picked up every movement of a large shoal of fish gathered in the pool.


So I sent my workers home so that Schauherger could quietly consider the problem. In spring and summer however, when the Sun’s radiation becomes relatively stronger, the balance between the ultraviolet and the infrared shifts towards the red end of the spectrum. Schauberger spelled out clearly exactly where we have gone wrong with jature technology.

A very tragic example of this was publicized by the media in the summer of The flume at Steyrling was a great success, much to the chagrin of the observing hydraulic engineers who were so sure his crazy scheme would strtling. Humanity has become accustomed to relate everything to itself anthropocentrism. It is similar to the tunnel in the middle of a circulating vortex of water plunging down a drain, which brings up a gurgling sound.

Hidden Nature

Viktor Schauberger excelled as a teacher of the science viktro Nature. The Role of the Forest: We have experiences every day that fall outside the accepted conventions of reality; like little synchronicities, intuiting events, the sensing of different qualities of ‘atmosphere’ as emanations from people, situations or places, the power of thought over action, communication with a household pet.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For the following nine years Viktor could not continue his implo- sion research because the high quality materials needed for his very advanced equipment were beyond his vlktor, and he had no spon- sors.

In the context of myth and symbol, they used numbers and forms in a way that would satisfy the spiritual sense of meaning and the scientific need for stagtling and reason.