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Hex 40 overall Gia-Fu Feng translated hex 40 judgment by: RELIEF. WEST AND SOUTH FRUITFUL. IF NO NEED TO ACT, TURN AROUND. Southwest advantageous. Northeast not advantageous. If you have no direction to go, the return will come. If you have a direction to go, begin at daybreak. Archetype Deliverance. CR P02 C40 A In the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, the waters were dried up from the.

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You will eliminate a highly placed enemy who is oppressing you. This is how anger becomes a shackle on the pathway of your freedom. Whatever is transpiring will bring renewal and calm to the inner landscape. Use this time to consolidate your position. Forgive and forget past differences. Do not struggle on alone northeast.

Tags for this Thread hexagram The underlying cause of Family suggested a time of nurturing and protection. If he undertakes to do something without a cause, it will be auspicious for him to return to his former station.

Perception, realization, that which pierces the heart of the matter. Stay clear and connected. Separate your energy from this person’s energy.

Even though he does nothing wrong, he will be humiliated. Hexagramaa there is peace, so just recuperate, and relax. Moreover, his using both of them was shameful.

Don’t carry too heavy a load. The jun zi is relieved and the little men will resign. This inner stripping leads to a breakthrough. In either case something is being loosened so that rebirth is Liberated. Careless laying up of things excites to robbery, as a woman’s adorning of herself excites to lust. Treat the new situation as experimental and find working balances.


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Even being righteous one is humiliated. Wilhelm’s Confucian commentary provides a good image of this kind of adaptation: Happily, an awkward situation will be relieved by the arrival of a friend or friends. If you have no direction to go, the return will come.

It emphasizes that analyzing and understanding things in order to be delivered from compulsion is the adequate way to handle it The man drives away inferior people through an inner resolve and makes a complete mental and spiritual break.

The superior man, in accordance with this, forgives errors and deals gently with crimes. Thus the inferior man trusts him. Remove your big toe. He exposes himself to robbery. Do not keep chasing what you want. The good fortune is due to its attaining the middle way. When your main obstacle is a cunning adversary, forceful removal of that person from the scene hexageama be the only option.

40: Deliverance

An early movement to the southwest wins the allegiance of the masses and returns the state to normalcy and equilibrium. One catches three foxes in the field and gains 440 yellow golden arrow.

Beware of dwelling on the past, holding grudges, wasting energy. We are so much in the habit hexagrwma taking our conscious selves for granted that our sense of ourselves seems to us the primary fact from which all other experiences arise merely secondarily.


40 Deliverance/Liberating JIE

Anger becomes a stone upon the measure of tomorrow; if you hexgrama let something go, you are forced to carry it with you. This turns inner self restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. If you can release yourself from the ideas that are binding you to an agitated outlook and the distrust of others, you will find liberation from yourself.

Truly permitting the demoniac indeed.

Armed with yoga, O Bharata, stand and fight. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It will be auspicious with perseverance. If the thirty-ninth hexagram of Impasse is turned upside down it becomes the fortieth hexagram of Liberation or Deliverance.

The success you enjoy is rooted in your integrity, in contrast to the clever and cunning deceits of some around you. If you are truly committed to what you are doing you will be delivered from the constriction you feel. As clouds gather, electricity generates moisture, and you can feel the unproductive heaviness accumulating in the air. The west and south are favorable. Partners will come in the end. The above hexagram interpretation is part of iFate’s award winning free online I-Ching readings.

Line 5 Letting go of negative influences requires inner resolve and strength of character.