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For medium to heavy weights, the U2A load cell is an excellent choice for suspended tank weighing, as well as for band scales and metering / batchingscales. HBM > Load Cells > Tension / Compression Load Cells > U2A > U2A – Load cell 3D CAD models. 50,8. 25,4. M8. kg. M8. kg. M B‐ en. HBM. 2 . 1-U2A/5T/ZGUW. Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik .

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MR02 Mark Force Sensor.

U2A – Load cell

MB27 Moisture Analyzer Balance. Explorer Semi Micro Balance. TM59 Totalcomp Tank Mount. Power Supply Cord Supply Part. The U2A load cell has proven to be useful in thousands 2ua applications and is available with maximum capacities ranging between 50 kg and 20 t.

Load Cell U2A with INA P

These can, for example, include suspended tanks, conveyor or batching scales, or hybrid scales. The variants with kg, 1 t, 2 t, and 5 t maximum capacity ua2 the D1 accuracy class. Indicator Options Tru-Test Livestock.

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MR55 Mark Torque Sensor. GDE16 General Sensor, beam only. Rod Ends Totalcomp Mounting. Twisted Pairs Totalcomp Digital. BM Series Analytical Balance. Adventurer Pro Rx Pharmacy Balance.

HBM weighing technology for industry – Brochure. DSR – Celtron Transducers. MR53 Mark Torque Sensor. GB – General Sensor. Flat and space-saving design: B6G Zemic Single Point. Defender W Ohaus Scale. Search on this website here: High Performance Totalcomp Cable. U2A – Test Hbbm. Tension Degree of protection: Another major field of y2a is found in gravimetric level measurement.

Defender Basic Ohaus Base. Catapult Ohaus Scale. Galvanized floor scale base. H35 – HBM Inc. Easy-Link Totalcomp Remote Display.

Summing Card Cambridge J Box. It is legal for trade and has an IP68 degree of protection. Metric SS Troemner Weights. Gas Discharge Supply Part. Valor Ohaus Scale. Load Cell Insulators Mounting.

The robust C2 series load cells made of stainless-steel have an excellent dynamic fatigue strength and a particularly flat design. Adventurer Analytical and Precision. TC Adjustable Totalcomp Mounting. Additionally, the U2A load cell is available with other maximum capacities and accuracy classes 0. Avoirdupois SS Troemner Weights. L6E Zemic Single Point. Soldering Station Supply Part.

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Plastic Seal Supply Part.

Brass Cylindrical Totalcomp Weights. PS Salter Brecknell Scale. Call us at Lodec Truck Load Cell. MG U2 Force Gauge. Alleyway Platform Tru-Test Livestock.