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Tree and List Widget Overview — Overview of GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeView, and friends of a list store. Creating a tree store operates almost exactly the same. A ew and its associated widgets are an extremely powerful way of displaying data. They are used in conjunction with a ore or Gtk. TreeStore. In this part of the GTK+ tutorial, we cover the GtkTreeView widget. Three examples demonstrate the functionality of the widget.

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Sorting is an important feature for tree views and is supported by the standard tree models Gtk.

First of all a comparison function is needed. Should it render it as a string of tuotrial or “False”, “On” or “Off”, or should it be rendered as a checkbox?

We will be able to add and remove items from the list view. This class, like Gtk. Then the sort function has to be set by Gtk.

It can be used to set the gtkreeview in any or all columns in a given row. It needs a Gtk. It is also possible to set a custom comparison function in order to change the sorting behaviour. Simple Example Here is a simple example of using a GtkTreeView widget in context of the other widgets. Once data has been inserted, you can retrieve or modify data using the tree iter and column index. As an example we will create a comparison function that sorts case-sensitive.


TreePath can be accessed like lists, i. The example is actually derived from Lodju, in which the folders have nothing to do with the filesystem. The iterator points to the location where data will be added.

ListStorehiding some elements to the view. The next step is to enable sorting. In our code example, we show gtktreeeview items in the GtkTreeView. TreeStore or a Gtk.

GtkTreeView widget

TreeView is not a difficult matter. It does this with columns and cell renderers. Multiline Text Editor The next example will illustrate this, only using a tree store instead of a list store.

ListStore strstrfloat. The following example uses the GtkTreeView widget to display hierarchical data. Unlike sorting, filtering is not handled by the two models we previously saw, but by the Gtk.

GtkTreeView widget

Although you can theoretically implement your own Model, you will normally use either the Gtk. Print values of all columns print row [: Cell renderers are used to draw tutoiral data in the tree model in a way. For instance, this allows the same underlying data to be displayed and edited in 2 different ways at the same time. It is possible to develop a new type of model, but the existing models should be satisfactory for all but the most specialized of situations.


TreeView widget has a model, it will need to know gtktreevidw to display the model. Notice that the last argument is TreeViewColumn instance and use Gtk. Setting a custom sort function The model is created, data is stored in it, a tree view is created and columns are added to it. This sounds unnecessarily complicated, but the complexity is local, and this aproach actually simplifies gtktrefview program structure.

Apart from accessing values stored in a Gtk.