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: GREENHECK BSQ/ 3/4 HP INLINE CENTRIFUGAL FAN //60/1: Home Improvement. Installation, operation and maintenance manual, General safety information • Read online or download PDF • Greenheck SQ and BSQ () User Manual. Centrifugal Square Inline Duct Fans Greenheck Fan Corporation certifies the model SQ and BSQ fans shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal.

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Dial on Motor Control – A potentiometer dial on motor control is mounted on the motor for easy speed adjustment for system balance.

Greenheck SQ and BSQ (472058) User Manual

SQ and BSQ Manufacturer Greenheck Fan Corp. If you bssq not have one, we can refer you to one. Tell us what you need by filling in the form. No problems to interior. It is a Greenheck Centrifugal Exhaust Fan. These fans are specifically designed for inline applications. The square design provides a larger discharge area than tubular centrifugal Make a preliminary model size selection.

Tested OK for V. External isolators are recommended, hanging shown below or base mounted. Greeneck part number has changed over the years. Precaution should greehneck taken in explosive atmospheres. Base Mount or Hanging Isolators Standing Neoprene Isolator Standing Spring Isolator Complete isolation kits are available with either neoprene or spring isolators and are sized to match the weight of the specied fan size.


Typical installation requires ductwork on the inlet and outlet side of the fan. This page was last updated: Some drive frame components may still be of galvanized construction to maintain structural integrity. It will take several duct lengths greenheck the airow becomes laminar or smooth again after making the turn.

Backward Incline Centrifugal Ventilation Fan. Open the catalog to page 9. Meets minimum airow requirements with the ability to bump up to high speed in an emergency The model BSQ ducted inline fan must be installed with the motor accessible for maintenance and inspection.

Inline Fans (Models SQ and BSQ) – Greenheck – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Standard Construction Features 1 Cabinet Construction The fan housing is constructed of rigid structural members and formed galvanized steel panels. Verify that the power source is compatible with the. Improper installation can result in electric greenheck, possible injury due to coming in contact with moving parts, as well as other potential hazards.

Allow motor to cool before servicing. Hanging rails by others Figure 7 Horizontal Hanging or Base Mount With a hanging mount, the motor may be located on either top or bottom.

greeneck Do not spin fan wheel faster than max cataloged fan RPM. SQ fans are available in thirteen sizes with nominal wheel diameter ranging from 6 to 16 inches to mm to unit sizes. Model BSQ is a belt drive centrifugal inline exhaust fan. It must be free. Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information.


Flexible duct by others.

Simply turn the dial; there are no belts and pulleys When servicing the fan, motor may be hot enough to cause pain or injury. Centrifugal Fans in Coimbatore.

Both options provide access panels on two sides. Hanging rods to be supplied by others. Compact to fit most applications with quiet operation. Never open access doors to a duct while the fan is. Please read and save these instructions for future reference. The white cover also has a light fixture.

Greenheck SQ and BSQ () User Manual | 12 pages

Most boxes have been opened for inspection and photos. Prefer to pick it up yourself?.

Do not allow the power cable to kink bwq come in. Performance capabilities range up to 27, cfm 46, m. The fans are specifically designed for roof top applications. Will there be a dock or forklift. If you need any assistance identifying if this part will work in your HVAC system, feel free to send us the model and serial off of your HVAC system an Calculate a lter pressure drop P for the preliminary cfm Each fan shall bear a permanently affixed manufacturers engraved metal nameplate containing the model number and individual serial number.

This unit was recovered from a storage locker.