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I thought this book was pretty good and gave me a firm footing on the basics. Although reading some reviews on it online it seems many people. Go for Beginners – Kaoru Iwamoto – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. An introduction to the rules, strategies and. – Free download as PDF File .pdf ) or view presentation slides online.

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If you want just one book to start learning to play go, Go for Beginners would be a good choice.

I’ve read Go for Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto- what next? • Life In 19×19

After that initial explanation, the author walks us through captures and he does a thorough job with this. But while learning the game can be as frustrating as it is fascinating, kaaoru the game’s vocabulary and culture is a treat. Select a forum Life In 19x That is, my background is entirely in chess, and I tried to play Go with a chess strategy. For more gradual book-learning, covering the same material but in much more detail and step-by-step, I would recommend Janice Kim’s series as a starting point.

Sat Apr 09, 1: Expect technical explanations with good images. Its topics are also good hints about the broad avenues of further investigation into how Go works. Morgan Faas rated it liked it May 15, I’m not an expert on go and this is the first go book I’ve ever read. It’s a gem, but needs work and persistence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I can take my time with this book.

When he explains ko he jumps right into a ko fight and starts talking about using ko threats. I only read the first part though.


Vaguely explains the game of go. But then after having read My System karou Nimzowitsch on chess I don’t have much of a problem with difficult game books! Children should be taught Go in Pre-school. By contrast, Go is the board-game equivalent of a Rorschach Test, with it’s black and white stones flowing like monochromatic water into little pools and fissures. There are some comments by the author when going through this first sample game that will make no sense whatsoever to a true beginners, such as threats to the structure.

But when my guess was off by ten intersections, it felt like those little stones had formed an impenetrable wall; for where does one turn when your intuition fails and your computation isn’t up to snuff. Chris Wayland rated it it was amazing May 03, Apparently he devoted much of his later career to spreading g to the West, which is why this is one of the most well-known go books in English.

Discerning the leader in a Go match not only requires a ten-fold accounting job, but Chess represents clear battle-lines; with advances and bulwarks defined visually by rank and proximity.

I read David’s review, he notes that he has heard there is a hardback edition of the Pantheon version. I’m going to have to spend time studying this.

These explanations strike a great balance of clarity and challenge. But I’ve read dozens and dozens of rule books for board games and this book certainly works for me. Second book of Go was my first book after knowing the basics and play some games and I really liked it.

The author shows you a Go problem, the best and worst way to solve that problem and offers you chances to practice beginbers subtle point you just learned. David Carlton ‘s review. Jul 23, Alex rated it really liked it. Elementary tactics and strategy. Chapter 11 discusses the ranking system. There is also an appendix with the rules of Go as they would have been ina glossary, and a list of Go organisations around the world.


The third printing in uses more English terms and fewer Japanese language terms. Also, contain a lot of Japanese terms, which were explained in the first mention and in the A decent beginner book on Go for me having kaou for a couple of weeks.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is a very dense read.

Go for Beginners By: Same as other beginner books, this one has exercises at the end of the sections, but these are not only geared towards determining if the reader understood the basics, since they typically push a little further with challenging jwamoto. I’ve read Go for Beginners by Kaoru Iwamoto- what next? I learned a lot from graded go problems for beginners: Nothing too advanced, but it’s kind of like taking all of Janice Kim’s Learn to Play Go series and stuffing it into one little book.

Go for Beginners

Mar 13, Joe rated it liked it. Examples are plentiful and challenging. Less than I have read this little book since I bought it new soon after it originally was published. Those that like iwmaoto learn hands on will love this way of teaching. Alexey Vyskubov rated it really liked it Jan 24, Master the game of Go. Dec 17, Lina Skoldmor rated it really liked it.

There are lots of choices.

Chapter 10 is General Strategy, especially with corner play. However, the amount of content in this book might be a little overwhelming for the true beginner. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests.