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Gmelina arborea is an important medicinal plant indicated in the traditional Indian medicine. phytochemical constituents of Gmelina arborea leaves using standard methods. The phytochemical analysis revealed the concentrations (mg/g). Gmelina arborea an important medicinal plant is one of the most widely cultivated species of the family Verbenaceae. It is highly valued from time imm.

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High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method for quantization of apigenin from dried root powder of Gmelina arborea Linn. Bark and fruit extracts of Gmelina arborea protect liver cells from oxidative stress. Hentriacontanol[ 6 ] and lignans such as arboreol, isoarboreol, methyl arboreol, arborone, gmelanone, gummadiol, and 7-oxodihydrogmelinol[ 789 ] have been isolated from heartwood of the plant.

A popular plantation species in the tropics, FACT A quick guide to multipurpose trees from around the world. Sensitive antifungal assay against Basidiomycetes, Holzforschung. The ability of the extracts to prolong the reaction latency suggests that the extracts have a central analgesic activity.

Kulkarni YA, Chavan D. Hot plate test The hot-plate test was carried out as previously described. Abstract Gmelina arborea G. AE showed increase in paw licking response of 7. Arboreol, a new lignan from Gmelina arborea.


The isolation of luteolin[ 4 ] and indole alkaloids[ 5 ] from the leaves has been reported. Microscopic evaluation showed the presence of phellogen, cork, cortex and phyytochemistry. To study the anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive properties of aqueous extracts AE and methanol extracts ME of G.

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Powdered bark g was macerated with 1 L of distilled water phytochekistry 7 days, with occasional shaking. Cold maceration technique was used to prepare AE of bark of G. Occurrence of luteolin in the leaves of Gmelina arborea, Linn. These findings will be useful towards establishing pharmacognostic standards on identification, purity and quality on this plant which is gaining relevance in plant drug research.

An overview on Phytochemistry and Pharmacological properties of Gmelina arborea.

Effect of Gmelina arborea Roxb in experimentally induced inflammation and nociception

The present article is aimed to provide information on recent advances and new foundations and direction for further exploring G. The differences among experimental and control groups were determined using the statistical software Sigmastat Ver. Puytochemistry Soc Exp Biol Med. Phytochemical investigation and anthelmintic activity of various root extracts of Gmelina arborea Roxb.

A cut off period of 15 seconds is observed to avoid the damage to paws. An apiose-containing coumarin glycoside from Gmelina arborea root. Maximum possible effect MPE was calculated by the formula:. The effects of AE, ME and acetyl salicylic acid on acetic acid phyochemistry writhing are presented in Table 4.


Kulkarni YA, Veeranjaneyulu A. Antidiabetic activity of aqueous extract of Phytpchemistry arborea bark in rats. Plantation forestry in the tropics Clarendon press, Oxford, UK.

Afr J Pharm Pharmacol. Statistical analysis The differences phytochemiwtry experimental and control groups were determined using the statistical software Sigmastat Ver. Evaluation of five medicinal plants used in diarrhoeal treatment in Nigeria.

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Effect of Persea macrantha against acute inflammation and adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. Chapman and Hall; Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Evidence for an action of morphine and the enkephalins on sensory nerve endings in the mouse peritoneum. Provenance research in Gmeoina arborea Linn. Gmelinosides A-L, twelve acylated iridoid glycosides from Gmelina arborea. Preliminary studies on anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities of Securinega virosa Euphorbiaceae in experimental animal models. The main chemical constituents of G.

Iridoid glycoside-based quantitative chromatographic fingerprint analysis: Resorcinol derivatives from Gmelina arborea, Cellul Chem Technol.