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He took up the job on June 1, and submitted his report on August from the Government whether Girglani Commission was appointed to. GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ONE MAN COMMISSION (SIX POINT FORMULA) J.M. GIRGLANI, IAS (Retd.) FINAL REPORT IN THREE VOLUMES. Girglani Commission will be implemented in toto: CM Girglani Commission report on Telangana would be implemented in letter and spirit.

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From one post multiple promotions have been churn out promotions. The retrospective effect to was not given. Commossion 5 10 There are very few persons now who were employed from other zones for want of trained personnel. There are indications of deputations being used as the substitute for transfers and also some undesirable motivations. Retrieved 3 September However, the 3, constables found to be non-locals could not be transferred at once and the government had directed the authorities to shift them in a phased manner, ensuring that administration and law and order was not affected.

Archived from the original reprt 31 December The former elites gain power to dominate in regions that have growth of elites at a later stage. Retrieved 17 October From April till June, the movement saw a lull, [85] commissioh different parties citing various reasons and fresh deadlines to renew the agitation.

TDP finished third after polling 30, votes and retained its deposit. YSR Congress remained commissiin and requested the central government to take a decision. Retrieved 13 June On 7 February, Union cabinet cleared the Telangana bill and plans to introduce in upper house of Parliament with 32 amendments.

Telangana movement

Within the state of Andhra Pradesh, This will also solve the difficult and vexing problem of finding a permanent capital for Andhra, the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are very well suited to be the capital of Vishalandhra. Retrieved 18 February There are examples of such criss-cross.


In Decemberthe States Reorganisation Commission was appointed to prepare for the creations of states on linguistic line. Chief Minister requested the President four weeks of additional time for the debate a move opposed by Telangana leaders. Congress leader from Seemandhra and minister Vatti Vasanth Kumar spoke opposing the Telangana bill and said bifurcation is against Seemandhra interests.

Retrieved June 19, Retrieved August 30, Immutability of the local status of a post as of has to be strictly observed.

Girglani Commission will be implemented in toto: CM

Surplus staff including a part of the workcharged establishment totalling to 21, has also been kept outside the Presidential Order while commisssion them in regular posts. Deputations as a source of deviations need stringent vigilance.

The JAC leaders gave written assurance to the government that the agitation programme would be conducted in a peaceful and “gandhian” manner from Government may check up all these facts. In SeptemberSushilkumar Shindethe newly appointed Home minister of India commented that the Telangana demand needs to be handled carefully since similarly carved smaller states saw increased Naxal problems.

The conclusion of the report included the following statements “Therefore, after taking into account all the pros and cons, the Committee did not think it to be the most preferred, but the second best, option.

According to the Police, the protesters torched two police vehicles at People’s Plaza on the Necklace Road. Congress representatives gave conflicting views, one supporting the division and one opposing it.

Some wrong postings and promotions have been given due to this mix up. The Commission has suggested that there should be a system of fixing responsibility and taking disciplinary action, including initiating criminal proceedings against the violators, in the case of deviations from the Presidential Order. Discussing the case of Telangana, paragraph of the SRC report said “One of the principal causes of opposition of Vishalandhra also seems to be the apprehension felt by the educationally backward people of Telangana that they may be swamped and exploited by the more advanced people of the coastal areas who were swamped by people of Tamilnadu already”.


It also noted that the funds released for educational institutions in Telangana were lower than in the other two regions of the state.

TP: Girglani Commission’s ‘indictment’

Many parties and politicians including the Chief Minister-who hails from Rayalaseema- protested the bill. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After hearing views of all the parties, the home minister said that this will be the last such meeting on this issue and that the government will come up with a girrglani within 30 days.

Already existing inequalities due to historical factors are thus perpetuated by intervention of the elites from developed regions.

Girglani Committee was appointed to examine | Indian Politics Questions & Answers | Sawaal

B Attorney General Explanation: Even the posts of these categories not being utilized in the Projects due to completion of works still rreport to be outside the purview of the Presidential Order. Retrieved 27 September Some of them have even thought that Units of Appointment are Local Cadres. Such exclusion is even more unjustifiable. This has caused a lot of confusion in region-wise income distribution.

The Home Minister, however, clarified that such repatriation would be done in phases to avoid administrative, departmental and legal problems. Excerpts from the report: