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​GFMS Surveys and Updates are now available on Thomson Reuters Eikon Gold Survey Q3 Update & Outlook (November ) Now Available; LME Gold Survey Update 2; Copper Survey Update; Gold Survey . Thomson Reuters GFMS launched Gold Survey at events in London and Johannesburg. The following details some highlights from the. GFMS puts new mine production of gold at a record tonnes, a 6% gain over

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The big question though is what is likely to happen to Chinese demand after it reached record levels in Q Earnings Call Presentation June 7, There are signs that this may be slowing down after a new record for imports in the first two months of the year.

In the Far East, some consumers have been awaiting a rebound in the gold price, while scrap flows in China have been broadly flat. Patent and Trademark Office. But if sales out of gold ETFs fall away this year, or even turn around to purchases as they have done to date then matters could yet prove to be different. But this can all take 2 or 3 years to filter through by which time, the miners hope, prices will have improved again.

In Europe the drivers have included the tightening regulations over scrap return, which have raised costs, while distress selling has also largely abated and here, too, near-market stocks have been depleted. Auth with social network: Of course new mines which are already down the development pipeline will also be brought on stream, adding to overall production.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. And we would add continuing unrest in Ukraine and any moves to impose punitive sanctions on Russia, which would lead to likely retaliation, could also impact prices positively. With scrap sales falling back drastically at the lower prices, and not expected to pick up much if at all, this would seem to counter to an extent the higher mine production.

GFMS GOLD SURVEY – UPDATE 2 – ppt download

So far in the rate of scrap sales has gfmz slow, reflecting reduced jewellery sales This is not only the case in price-sensitive Asia, where material is of high caratage and readily mobilised, but also in Europe and to a lesser extent the United States.


Meanwhile Middle Eastern scrap return is down, reflecting lower prices and despite continued political turmoil, while low price volatility has reduced Turkish scrap return. Another factor which may at least give the gold go,d some heart is the estimate that in demand for gold for jewellery fabrication and general bar and coin eurvey demand will likely exceed the total of new mine production plus scrap. The outlier is India, where surveg of falling rupee prices led to an increase in the first quarter, although return has been more sluggish since.

The Life Sciences Report. Held in partnership with Creating Connections This document has been prepared for general guidance on matters. Struthers’ Resource Stock Report takes a look at results from two mining companies, and picks the one he considers a winner. Streetwise Reports is registered with the U.

Wurvey then, conversely, production will fall as the mines can revert to working lower grade ores, while the deferred projects will still take several years to be brought to production at best. The third party trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos featured in this publication are owned by the relevant third parties or their affiliates. The Thomson Reuters Content may not be reproduced, copied, manipulated, transmitted, distributed or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of Thomson Reuters.

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GFMS Research and Forecasts

tfms Registration Forgot your password? All rights are expressly reserved. Held in partnership with Creating Connections. International Speculator, who also discusses his Golden Runway theory of price appreciation and talks about a handful of companies that he believes are on the rise.

Junior Gold Miner Seeker: GFMS Gold Survey & Updates – Gold Mine Supply & Cash Cost Curves

GFMS also adds a caveat that any relaxation of the import restrictions in India, particularly the Sign-up to receive the newsletter. Q1 Earnings Call Presentation June 7, The Future of Mining: The Way to Play Gold and Silver? The report sees investor appetite as not being strong and that, without this important element returning, the gold price is expected to resume a further downward course in It may seem counter-intuitive that the physical market was in a surplus last year give the strength of physical demand, but this was a function of the level of ETF selling and a drawdown of inventory on COMEX in particular.

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Thomson Reuters retains all proprietary rights to the Thomson Reuters Content. The 20113 Picture for Gold. Thomson Reuters is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any decisions made in reliance on the Thomson Reuters Content, including decisions relating to the sale and purchase of instruments, or risk management decisions.

Thomson Reuters is an aggregator and provider of information for general information purposes only and does not provide financial or other professional advice. Thomson Reuters makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the 203 Reuters Content. Published by Danielle Baggs Modified over 3 years ago. As we have noted in the past on Mineweb a fall in the metal price often, at least initially, has the opposite effect to that which the market might anticipate.

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We think you have liked this presentation. This year the market is characterised by much slower physical demand, zurvey also a substantial decline in the rate of attrition from the major ETFs. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Thus new mined gold output may not fall back even in the current year should gold prices stay at or around current levels which gmfs many even large gold mining operations into the marginal category on an all in sustaining costs basis.

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