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View the profiles of people named Gebru Asrat. Join Facebook to connect with Gebru Asrat and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Gebru Asrat. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro». Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio , trivia, and more. Update information for Gebru Asrat». prevail, and above all democracy would be the norm of Ethiopian society. Contrary to these assertions, Gebru. Asrat (hereafter referred to as Gebru), in his book.

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That would require leadership ability and the ability to protect ones interest for future generations to come. In this regard the government and some commentators argued that there are some external factors such as the Governments of Eritrea and the others behind the protest in Oromia and Amahra regions. Folks like that are usually surrounded by people that totally agree with them and who reinforce the false memories and the baseless lies that begin to take a life of its own when told over and over again.

Ato Gebru, as member of the ruling party, is the one that made it scarce in our ancient land. To reiterate, the book is well documented and is worthy to read. So, the question is what they are calling the legacy of Meles Zenawi.

Now, tactically, the party is weakened to its cores. Especially, the so-called reform process in TPLF, which took place some 15 years ago, has left a lasting impact both on the nation and on me personally.

Gebru Asrat – IMDb

In reviewing this book, the principal criteria included, purpose, content, organization, and reference sources. For example, on Eritrea, he has come to asserting that Eritrea was part of Ethiopia, except that it was occupied by Italy during the colonial days. Hence, one can judge that the party leadership is way off in its evaluation of the political turmoil.

I know this is not modern, but, you see, that is the nature of the TPLF. But the sentiment to down the flag is there within the society. Ethiopian soldiers were used as sacrificial lambs to pierce the heavily fortified Eritrean position.

To those who had a different gebbru about TPLF, reading the book can give them a different perspective of the TPLF and the ability to examine the management system that it followed after it come to power. How do you see that party back in those days and the party today? You can see that from the statements issued during the protest in Amhara and Oromia regional states. If you notice, Tigrai is the only region that showed a bigger foot print when they were done with their map making effort.


This idea of back pedaling is both cheap and a reflection on the ethics of the individual. However, we have to look at the base and the extent separately. From athletics to the gwbru.

The honorable Gebru Asrat and his politics

I am assuming that the purpose of the book was to present himself as a person of vision and to show us his leadership hebru and a map of the road to the future. Take my party for instance. I really doubt the Honorable gentleman would have such luck.

But, forceful repression was not enough to settle the nerves in the party; rather asrar has taken other legal measures such as the Antiterrorism Law, the Media Law and the Charities and Societies Law. They are saying things that undermines asrst leaders at various levels in the party. So, empowering young leaders gberu the same political ideology would bear very little fruit. The question I have for Gebru is then, why was Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution copied from somewhere else and pasted in to be a part of the Ethiopian Constitution when he was in power?

Ethiopian opposition parties are setting themselves up for failure again. You have entered an incorrect email address! Eritrean government supporter websites say Eritrea should attack Ethiopia now.

In Chapter 6 the author describes that until Prime Minister Meles opened wide the door to allow different political parties to fully participate in the existing Ethiopian political scene. If it was not true, it would be considered comical.

There could have been one hundred and one ways to reach an accommodation where the two Nations could fully utilize the port for the benefit of both people. If you follow that system of governance, it will not allow citizens to have political and gebdu freedom. What Woyane wants at the moment is to freeze everything as it is and we all go in a slow incremental fashion to see a new Ethiopia. The party did not have a leadership which controls gebgu party, the government and the army altogether.


In the case of Eritrea, Gebru states that the TPLF had a crystal clear belief that Eritrea was a colony of Ethiopia and believed that the independence of Eritrea was possible not by deliberating with the ruling fascist military regime but through the barrels of the gebu.

What is good for Tigrai should have been good for all of Ethiopia. As argued by Gebru, the Algiers Agreement was deliberately designed by Meles and his group to give additional land to Eritrea that it never asked for.

Ethiopian Airlines has secured a USD There are ongoing protests in Oromia and Amhara regional states. A Minnow Political Merchant. He actually believes the Eritreans will allow TPLF Woyane to do to their country what they have been doing to Ethiopia the last twenty years.

So, how do you see the two playing out in gwbru decision-making process? Similarly, if it is practiced in Ethiopia, the author fails to give us the factors that explain democracy. The author is of the opinion that his book has a different perspective than those books that have been published thus far. At that time I asked a very simple question, why are these gentlemen wasting our hard earned money that was being used for transportation, hotel and food to campaigning in America among the non-voters while the election was being held asart Ethiopia?

The rest of Ethiopia was dragged into this senseless war.

Gebru Asrat –

My assessment now is that the old guards are a bit worried about handing over the party to weak leaders. Where They Should Go….

Our problem is the lack of the rule of law and the imposition of single ethnic rule over the rest of us. Pictures show African migrants at a rescue camp in Greece. Now, the executive committee is one stirring the nation. If you look at the cases of both the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and other countries, disintegration occurred asat because the system follows ethnic lines; it is rather due to the undemocratic and dictatorial nature of bebru regimes and leaderships.

The other is fair distribution of wealth.