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Garritan is the world’s leading provider of quality virtual software instruments. of a marching band, or the drama of a full symphony orchestra — inside any size. The Garritan Orchestral Strings library has now been integrated with our Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 library. With this package GPO 5. BUT the “new” garritan orchestral strings included in GPO5 have something odd a LOT of noise when i play the notes.. it is real? or is it just.

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As for chamber stuff, Garritan is the wrong tool for that. For Sale – But there are also parts where it sounds great.

It ofchestral like Kirk Hunter has quite a few smaller-ensemble options, so they might be worth taking a closer look at. SaxerApr 17, But both aren’t suited for chamber music. They translate well if you are writing out parts for a live orchestra, i. Using synthesized waveforms or orchdstral to produce a convincing replica of an orchestral recording can be very challenging.

Anyone who says that they don’t sound good, has not taken the time to learn to use them. GPO was and is a big undertaking for gary and done for not alot of money – and it’s wholly possible that all the problems I and other users see with it are actually down to Native Instruments and not Gary at all. Just wondering what other options are there. They’re pretty comparable products. VSL is also a good option, being dry and flexible.


I haven’t heard anything that could compare to these samples from any other vendors. Kind regards Dave Rich.

Help help I like something about Garritan Personal Orchestra

Le Bar sur Loup, France Status: Maybe it’s good for its price range, but if you can afford better, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Plus the fake portamento works for getting Middle Eastern. orchesteal

View More Photo Galleries. Thanks again, that’s a few more options I can look at.

Outstanding documentation is also provided via the accompanying 24 page manual, as well as text and PDF files included on the third disc. The instrument lists for the recordings read like a who’s who list of the world’s most rare instruments. The natural reverberant ambiance of the recording space Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on West 65th Street in New York remains on the samples, giving them a more lively resonant sound.

I did a string quarter. So far, everything I’ve tried sounds atrings than shareware soundfonts. I just wish garritan would release a vs3 file of the orchestra so we could see if it is the samples – and indeed then we’d be able to edit them and fix them. Kansas City, Missouri Status: Garritan also offers excellent customer support.

And Gary posts demos by users gadritan you need to take with a grain of salt. These samples as a collective whole, are quite pastoral.

Log in or Sign up. Dave, can you explain a little more about the bad loops and bad samples? Give GPO some time and attention and it will surely deliver!


Garritan Orchestral Stringsit sounds horrible for chamber music | Cakewalk Forums

I was actually putting together a template using GPO 5 only today. I disagree – but hey, I’m probably using the piano and oboe and you’re probably using the organ and timpani – or whatever – but don’t worry, none taken ; I don’t do orchestral scores – i just want a bank of those kinda sounds which stand up to scrutiny which you can’t hear obvious looping in.

The first disc is dedicated to violins and violas. I still just think Garritan sucks The syphonic string collection does not suck. Yes, Garritan Orchestral Strings sounds awful. Other than not having the option of less vibrato on the sustains, there isn’t really much I’d complain about. Rodney MoneyApr 16, Why don’t some others have a listen to the demos and share your opinions.

Try the demos by Danielle Davis at Garitan’s site.

Disc Three is comprised of full string orchestras, plus Chicken Systems well known “musical software Swiss-Army knife” called Translator. Sepheritoh Max Output Level: VSL Chamber Strings is also very handy, especially the 3 piece cello section.