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PDF | Microsponge is novel drug delivery system formulated for topical and/or oral administration. Microsponges are po-rous microspheres. The microsponges formulations were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent . was to formulate, optimize and evaluate Prednisolone-loaded microsponges for. Formulation and evaluation of gel-loaded microsponges of diclofenac sodium for topical delivery. Hamid Hussain, Archana Dhyani, Divya Juyal.

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Varied drug-polymer ratio reflected remarkable effect on drug content, encapsulation efficiency, particle size, and drug release.

Finally, microsponges were weighed to determine production yield. FT-IR spectroscopic study results discovered no any new peak appearance or disappearance of existing peaks, discarding any chemical interaction probability among drug and polymer used [ Figure evauation ].

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

Moreover, it was exposed that the distinctive internal structure comprised of spherical cavity enclosing a stiff shell assembled of drug and polymer. Further microsponges are stable under storage condition. The dissolution test was performed using ml of simulated gastric fluid pH 1.

The surface morphology, particle size, production yield, and drug entrapment efficiency of microsponges were examined. In vitro drug release The drug release was observed to decline within a range of The in-vivo evaluation of prednisolone loaded microsponges was conducted in two groups of rabbit.

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Actual drug content and encapsulation efficiency Precisely weighed quantity mg of microsponges containing drug was kept in ml PBS pH 7. The extrudability of prepared microsponge gel was found to be The mean and standard deviation S. For morphology and surface topography, prepared microsponges were examined with a scanning electron microscope LEO i, UK operating at 5 kV.


Control of prolonged drug release and compression properties of ibuprofen microsponges with acrylic polymer, eudragit RS micrrosponges changing their intraparticulate density.

Dibutyl phthalate was added to improve the plasticity of the polymer. An average of five readings was used to calculate viscosity. In vitro antifungal activity against Candida albicans.

Actual drug content and micrisponges efficiency The mean amount of drug entrapped in fabricated microsponges was found to be lesser than theoretical value for every drug: The xnd microsponges were demonstrated for their applications in oral and topical delivery systems. Initial evaluatiln release observed for formulations F1 and F2 i. The plasma drug concentration of prednisolone was analysed micgosponges UV spectrophotometric method.

Curcumin CUR microsponges were prepared by quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion method Jain and Singh A 5 ml sample of the solution was withdrawn from the dissolution medium at regular interval by using a pipette fitted with a micro-filter and analysed drug release using a UV spectrophotometer model E Shimadzu, Japan at Tri-ethyl citrate was obtained from Camport, New Delhi, India.

Afterwards, microsponge formulations were prepared by gradually increasing the drug: Blood samples were collected by means of a 1 ml syringe fitted with a 25 gauge needle. Footnotes Publisher’s Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. The preparation was further evaluated for its in vitro drug release behavior and ex vivo bioadhesion studies using a Franz diffusion cell.

The rabbits were not anaesthetized during fasting and throughout the experiment. The shape of the evalustion affects the surface area and surface area per unit weight of spherical microsponges. Initially drug release was carried out in 0. Drug was extracted from the skin using a modified procedure Echevarria et al.


The cumulative amount released increased with an increase in concentration of active ingredient in the formula. Under certain condition it has been used as substitute for the assessment of bioequivalence.

Formulation and evaluation of curcumin microsponges for oral and topical drug delivery

The in vitro drug release showed highest regression value for the zero order model 0. Table 3 Release kinetics data of microsponge formulations. The samples were withdrawn at different time intervals. However, comparison of the spectra demonstrated no new characteristic peaks in the microsponge which indicated no physical or chemical interactions between curcumin and carrier polymer. The prepared formulations were inspected visually for their color, texture and appearance.

Formulation and evaluation of ketoconazole microsponge gel by quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion. The mean particle size and polydispersity index PdI of all the batches of microsponges were measured using Mastersizer Malvern Instruments Ltd. From experimental outcomes, it was concluded that prepared microsponges based gel formulation exhibited promising antifungal activity.

A formulation approach for poorly-water-soluble compounds. All the other ingredients used were of analytical grade and were used as procured.

Spreadability of gel containing pure drug and drug microsponges was found to be 3.