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Forgotten Fire () is a young adult novel by Adam Bagdasarian. The book is based on a true story and follows the young boy Vahan Kenderian through the. Twelve-year-old Vahan Kenderian grew up in the lap of luxury, but the Armenian Holocaust during World War I changed everything. Vahan witnesses horrible. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Forgotten Fire. It helps middle and high school students understand Adam Bagdasarian’s literary.

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Then his family gets threatened and half of his family dies, so the story is not happy and shows the reality of what Armenians suffered during WWI. Bagdasarian suggests here that about one million people were killed. Through his hardships, Vahan is able to endure it all through his strength and spirit.

Upon finally reaching a river where they expect to be allowed to drink and rest, the Turkish soldiers set upon the Armenians. forgootten

Forgotten Fire

His name is Vahan and he is the youngest son of a rich Armenian family. How does the memory of his father give him the courage he needs to fofgotten Vahan is from a wealthy Armenian family in Bitlis, a province of Turkey during the reign of Hitler.

Maus, Deogratias, Tree Girl, Night Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time, simply because it is so well told and true to life. But what is the best way to remember?


It is a quick read. And it’s frightening to think that given the right, or wrong, circumstances, that this can, and most likely will, happen again, and can happen anywhere. They are continually transported and are marching from location to location directed by the Turkish.

However, everything changed when the Turkish arrived in Bitlis. As I stated bagdasarlan, he recorded his journey, therefore he made it to the United States alive but Vahan had extraordinary forgoften to overcome.

The Forgotten Fire

Aug 13, Ryan rated it really liked it. Apr 19, Alana rated it it was amazing. The details were so graphic that I almost had to stop reading several times.

When a decade ago, I could have read this passively, as an forgotyen of history, something to fiee taught as a lesson, I now read as a person who thinks of circumstance, of participation, of there-but-by-the-grace-of-god. He learns a hard lesson about character and dignity and what it really me Plot summary: There’s a problem loading this menu right now. A Memoir of the Armenian Genocide.

To read this story, with all of the horrible details is an important reminder of what can happen when hate drives decision making. It was really sad and dark how in the course of years he lost his entire family from the war and all his family’s wealth.

When does that hopefulness undermine the sense of horror. Bagdasarian for an exquisite book about this important, little-known historical event! Somehow Vahan’s incredible strength and spirit help him endure even when he knows that each day could be his last. Before then, many of the books I had to read in school had a soul-deadening formality of the language that was downright exhausting.


I don’t think I ever did–become numb or lose hope for this protagonist–and that’s because the author doesn’t let us. It’s a tale much like many genocide tales, memoirs and novels and graphic novels, as it’s the story of a survivor of the genocide, Vahan, the 12 year old son of a powerful lawyer, one of the mpst influential families in Turkey at the time.

Vahan- careless in school, lacked disipline and character, wanted to be strong and respected like his dad, hardened by seeing his family members die, hardened by the war taking place.

Because to do so would alienate the one and only nation which must not be alienated: Throughout the novel, Vahan goes though many difficult experiences before reaching the final destination Constantinople and safety. However, it was not. As he watches horrendous events unfold before his eyes, he must learn to survive or else he will be killed. How did the attitude of the Armenian community change once the Turks took possession of the town and began the genocide?

Refresh and try again. Preview — Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian.

Forgotten Fire – Wikipedia

forgotetn See all 92 reviews. Vahan now must endure his upcoming quest towards survival knowing he will live a life in poverty throughout it. Want to Read saving….