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European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers investigates the economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of the European corrugated. This is the world’s most widely used box construction, also known as Fefco Actually this is the standard packaging box. Available in many length, width. Regular RSC boxes, boîtes régulières, boîtes sur mesure, custom boxes, custom printed, boîte carton, feuille de carton, cardboard sheets, boites sur mesure.

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Ideal for lightweight items, FEFCO folders are often used for shipping cardboard point of sale fefxo to multiple destinations.

We can manufacture boxes from brown or coated white corrugated cardboard — and we can fefoc directly to the box. Extra increase on mm. This has multiple benefits — the overlapping results in a stronger box and your contents are less likely to be damaged when the box is opened with a knife. Our designers can easily modify this design to include additional locking tabs, handles, and dividers. FEFCO Popular retail style box — perfect for transit and retail display Add header pop-up and cut-out at front for retail display Supplied flat, locks and tabs are integrated into the design for self-assembly boxes are a retail work horse — they are perfect for both transit and display.

Double-sided corrugated cardboard consists of a corrugated paper strip with a covering layer glued on both sides.

Guide to FEFCO Box Styles

These box styles consist of two separate end pieces with a body, which requires stitching or a similar fixing before they are fit for use. Would you like to find out more about the FEFCO cartons and packaging that could benefit your business? Your Name required Your Email required Message Please briefly explain your enquiry here, so that we can offer a response tailored to your exact requirements Please leave this field empty.


The dimensions LWH are specified in each description of the box construction, for some models the numerical value of W can exceed the numerical value of L.

If the ultimate construction ferco a combination of two or three basic models e. The sides of boxes can be angled, to give more height and defco towards the back of your retail tray, whilst keeping the products fefdo the front easily visible. We manufacture boxes in various different cardboard thicknesses from 1.

FEFCO box type – FEFCO Code MAZUS

Generally comprising of one piece of corrugated card which can be glued, stitched of tapes from the flaps on the top and bottom. Corrugated cardboard the preferred material for transport packaging!

FEFCO boxes are also very popular for giveaways at tradeshows and exhibitions. Corrugated cardboard packaging offers ideal protection for many products. This means these boxes can be opened and closed easily, several times.

Regular RSC boxes

Recycled paper Schrenz paper grey Half pulp The paper for the inner or outer sheet usually consists of: Clever integrated buffers help protect box contents in case the box is accidentally dropped on a corner. Generally, the FEFCO is used for ffefco boxes and is most commonly seen in retail for pharmaceuticals, tablets, etc.


Fwfco following thickness codes are those most commonly applied to corrugated cardboard: The cardboard thus formed can then be given folding seams, can be cut to size, stacked and transported to the interim storage location.

Unless otherwise specified, the dimensions of a corrugated sheet are expressed in mm as follows: Folder-type boxes and trays usually consist of only one piece of board. The rolls of paper used weigh 2, to 3,kg. These indications are based on current practice and are intended to give additional information to specifiers and users.

Fefvo, type styles are used for comparatively shallower box height dimensions. Pair this style with a second in slightly larger size to get a separate box and lid. Some manually erected cases can be closed automatically e. We offer single or double wall corrugated card, and print directly to the board for a premium finish.

A version may be unique to individual manufacturers. This category also includes outside sleeves for other boxes. This not only adds a lot of strength the box, it also looks more pleasing, as there are no exposed corrugations visible.

Usually they are flat packed and need to be sealed by the user during assembly. Call or mail for the current stock box, new and used! These methods of closure are either already performed on the box or may require closure during assembly, for example adhesive taping.